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My Interview with Ryan Pearson

During this interview I learned a lot about my friend Ryan that I didn’t know before the interview. It was good to sit down and have a interesting conversation with a friend without any technology interfering. I also learned a...

Luke Young and Kelsey Johnson

In this interview with speech coach Kelsey Johnson, we see the world of speech, debate, and student congress. We learn the misconceptions of speech and the benefits to its participants that are widely unknown.

Brandy Harris and Julie Leeth

Brandy Harris (35) and her mentor, Julie Leeth (69), look back on their early memories of one another, discuss their shared passion for supporting young people in public education, and appreciate the roles they have played in one another’s lives.

Interview with Cynthia
November 23, 2020 App Interview

I interview my Mother for speech at Collin. I ask her questions about her life and her goals.

Interpersonal Interview

Interpersonal speech class interview with Pratik and Shriya

Speech Project

I'm Ansley Dean and I interviewed a special education teacher from my high school. I worked with her a lot last year and felt that she had a great impact on our community.

Emily: Speech Impairment

Youth with disabilities(motivation) Emily has a speech impairment, and has had it since she was 7 years old. Find out what motivates her!

Amanda Largent Speech Interview

My name is Amanda Largent. I am a student at Southern Union Community College, and I was assigned to interview someone who means a lot to me for my speech class. I chose to interview my boyfriend of 3 years....

Storytelling Interview Mason Lewis

Mason Lewis interviews his mother, Mekeba Mullen about their relationship and her life experiences.

Wilhelm Welzenbach and Johanna Bangeman

Wilhelm Welzenbach (46) interviews his mother, Johanna Bangeman (73), about her childhood memories on Wrangell Island in Alaska, her experience moving to Montana, the social change she experienced in the 1960s, and her teaching career.

Mark Kimmell and Andy Ritan

Mark Kimmell (61) tells his friend Andy Ritan (52) about his impending surgery for throat cancer, which will permanently change Mark's voice. The two became friends through a spiritual practice called, "the Diamond Approach."

Fear Can Be A Good Thing

Overcoming a fear can be difficult, but facing fear to overcome it is an audacious way to tackle it. In an interview conducted by Jeremy Frank in Los Angeles, in November 2017, Darryl Frank talks about how he overcame his...