Lisa Kennedy and John Harper

Daughter Lisa Kennedy (42) and father John "Jack" Harper III (71) discuss Lisa's childhood and the challenges of divorce. They also talk about parenting and how faith is important in their family lives.

Interviewing my Mom on her experience moving when she was growing up

Elizabeth Lee (51) talks with her daughter, Julia Lee (16), about her experiences moving when she was growing up and how this effected her social life, mental health, etc.

"I knew I could count on you…"

Siblings, Alena (39) and J (33), reflect on their childhood in rural, northern Indiana, and the changes they've experienced and support they've received.

Barbara Roberts and Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer "Jenny" Roberts (60) interviews her mother, Barbara Roberts (84), about her upbringing, family memories, community involvement, and travel stories.

Meet Ukrainian Folk Artist & Educator Oksana Pasakas!

In this interview, Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck interviews Oksana Pasakas of Ukrainian History & Education Center of New Jersey to discuss the traditional folk customs of the Ukraine, and the importance of continued education in the traditional folk arts of...

Mary Kathryn Curcio Stoddard and Henry Stoddard

Spouses Mary Kathryn Curcio Stoddard (24) and Henry Stoddard (25) explore their childhoods, relationship, future together, and the importance of happiness.

Miriam Hellreich and Lillian Koller

Lillian Koller (67) speaks with her friend Miriam Hellreich [no age given] about Lillian's parents' experience during the Holocaust, and her experience being the daughter of two survivors.

Cecilia Cortez and Teresa Franco

Sisters Cecilia “Ceci” Cortez [no age given] and Teresa “Terry” Franco [no age given] discuss their experiences as former students and current educators at Loretto Academy.

Dennis Waldrop and Annette Block-Valdivia

One Small Step partners Dennis Waldrop (66) and Annette Block-Valdivia (57) talk about their concerns for the future of their local community, Grand Marais, Minnesota. They share worries about housing, jobs, and healthcare and also talk about the importance of...

Connie Bebout and Caitlin Faulds

Connie Bebout (64) talks with her daughter Caitlin Faulds (25) about growing up in Missouri, leaving to begin a career with the Forest Service and now living through coronavirus. Recorded: 2020-04-26 17:34:08

Lecroy Rhyanes and Isaiah Rhyanes

Brothers LeCroy “Lee” Rhyanes Jr. [no age given] and Isaiah Rhyanes (25) talk about how Basketball in the Barrio has influenced their lives. They also talk about their connection to basketball, share memories of growing up, and their hopes for...

Betty Brown-Chappell and Gail Patterson-Gladney

Sisters Betty Brown-Chappell (76) and Gail Patterson-Gladney (74) trade memories from growing up on a farm near Bangor, Michigan with six other siblings. They reflect on what it was like for their family to navigate being one of the only...

Robyn Thirkill and Sarah Spector

One Small Step conversation partners Robyn Thirkill (47) and Sarah Spector (62) discuss how their upbringings impacted them, living intentionally and peacefully, and how they support their political values and intentions in ways that feel authentic to them.

Mark C Bird and Ron Bird

Mark C Bird (62) and his father, Ron Bird (85), share a conversation about Ron’s varied career path, including making pizza, serving in the Air Force Reserve, and serving as a Texas legislator. They also discuss Ron's early years and...

Mistie Hitt and Harold Breeden

One Small Step conversation partners Mistie Hitt (39) and Harold Breedan (66) discuss experiences growing up, family, college, major influences in their lives, and political points of view.

Tatyana Kobzar, Harriet Weber, and Nancy Warner

Friends and colleagues, Harriet Weber (65) and Nancy Warner (70) interview Tatyana Kobzar [no age given] about her journey to the United States from Ukraine. They also talk about family and Christianity.

Candace Faistenhammer Bracey and Hawke Osterhout

One Small Step partners Candace Faistenhammer Bracey (29) and Hawke Osterhout (23) think about religion and spirituality, share their childhood experiences, discuss queer identity, and reflect on the dynamics of parenthood.

Interview with Stephany Gonzalez and Catarina Juan

On May 14th, I, Stephany Gonzalez (16), interviewed my older cousin, Catarina Juan (20) for my Service Learning Project about Institutional Racism. She talked about the struggles of race and ethnicy she faced when she migrated to the United States...

Erica Richardson and Julia Davis

Erica Richardson (43) and her mother Julia Davis (71) talk about Julia's memories of growing up, what she is most proud of then and now. They discuss their family history with various members having cancer and Erica's current cancer treatment.

Dr. Hilda Ontiveros and Dr. Jesse Soledad Arrieta

Colleagues and wives, Dr. Hilda Ontiveros (41) and Dr. Jesse Soledad Arrieta (44), share a conversation about their roots, Chicana and Women’s Studies, and the importance of documenting oral history within their community. They also talk about their connection to...

Scott Kendall and Leda Borys

One Small Step Conversation partners Scott Kendall (46) and Leda Borys (36) talk about their political beliefs, upbringings, and self-serving political machines.

"I love you."

Dear pals, Lexie and Marina, talk about growing up in the Midwest, resonance with effeminate men, coming out as many things, hospitalization, the anthology "Written on the Body." The interview may or may not close with a lil song :)