80s interview

Answering questions about the 80s.

Talking Life With Gabe Howard

Gave and I had a great conversation about his life revolving around sports, his past, some great advice, and how is outside life is.

Life without a Dad

My Dad and I talked about when his Dad died when he was 15 and how he had to become man of the house.

Jose and brother, Javier, talk about Javier growing up in the United States from Mexican immigrant parents.

In this interview, conducted on November 2017 in Cicero, Illinois, Jose interviews older brother, Javier, about his upbringing in the US from Mexican immigrant parents. Javier shares stories about his childhood and teenage years in the city of Chicago. He...

Patrick Rollin and his dad talk about politics, culture, and society

We first examine how the intersection of politics and sports has changed over time. We then examine the current polarization in U.S. society. Lastly, we discuss topical political issues.

Life of a teenager in DCDS Middle School

A typical teenager’s life in middle school with hobbies, sports, religion, and a view on his future

Nancy Sills and Jim Sills

Spouses Nancy Sills, (67) and Jim Sills (67), sit down to preserve some memories for their children and their grandchildren. They describe the strong communities they each grew up in, share their favorite stories about various family members, and reflect...

Rhys Pitner and her grandfather talk about growing up, memories, things were thankful for, and hopes for the future.

Rhys Pitner, 14 years old, participated in the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017 for her freshman English class. Rhys interviews her grandfather, Tom Alderman, about growing up, things were thankful for, and hopes for the future. During this interview Rhys learns...

Three Rival Football Coaches, 120 Plus Years Of Experience, & The Beauty Of Coaching Kids, Part 2

Part 2 of the recording with three rival high school football coaches, reflecting on their years competing against each other and the joy and challenges of coaching kids.

Jonathan Gummel

My interview with my brother Jonathan gummel

Ayden interviews his grandmother, Re over FaceTime.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen over Facetime. Ayden interviews his grandmother Cheri about growing up with a single mother and being a single mother. My grandmother curses.

Daniel Robert Hoch (aka The Legend)

This is a conversation with “Pa” Hoch about his life experiences, what he’s learned in 90 years of life, and some funny stories and memories.

Vinny Milani: Who Are you?

Today we dive in with Vincent Milani of The Rough Cut Sportscast, and how he became who he is today!

Race Relations in Memphis, TN during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

Jackson Moreton interviews Eldon Blount on November 28, 2018 in Oxford, MS. Eldon grew up in Memphis, TN during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Public schools were still segregated and racial tensions were high. Eldon shares his experience...

Practice Interview

I ask a little about my friends life and what he wants to do when he is older.

Lauren and her grandfather Joe together on Thanksgiving.

In this interview that took place in November 2018, Lauren Lampus (16) interviews her grandfather Joe Bzorek (72) in Saxonburg on Thanksgiving. In the interview, we talked about the abundance of our family and how much of a blessing it...

Bishop Sports Interview

I interview my 18 year old brother on different aspects of sports today.

John and Mark Womack
November 26, 2017 App Interview

In the interview, we talked about my father’s life and some of the lessons he could pass on to me. Also we talked about historical events and how they impacted him. Last, we talked about some of his memories with...

How to live a good life, w/ Sam Dollyhigh

This interview is with my father and we talk about a lot of things related to parenting and how to live a good child good to be able to take it all into adulthood.

Tate and Grandpa Jack

This interview was about how my grandpa busted his chin open while playing baseball.

Part one of Interview for RRS 110

Unfortunately, someone called me in the middle of my interview and it cut off the recording so I will be posting a part two. We talked a lot about fitness and nutrition because that is what interests me a lot....