Take a leap of faith

If you are willing to take chances in life, not let fear hold you back, you can use your life experience to help you achieve things you could never have previously dreamed of doing!

Georgia Hudson, Agnolia Gay, and Chy'Na Nellon

Chy'Na Nellon (37) shares a conversation with her mother Agnolia Gay (60) and her grandmother Georgia Mae Hudson (83). They discuss the creation of Chy'Na's media company, and the entrepreneurial and artistic nature of their family.

Patricia Perez and Norma Perez

Patricia Perez (61) speaks with her sister Norma Perez (51) about their family background, going to college, and starting her own business. The pair also talk about how important they are to each other.

Jennifer Shapiro and Gennadiy Shapiro

Jennifer Shapiro (18) talks with her father, Gennadiy Shapiro (45) about his childhood in Khazakstan, his journey migrating to America, and his experience building a life from scratch in a new country.

Chris Lampen-Crowell and Bruce Johnson

Chris Lampen-Crowell (63) and Bruce Johnson (68) talk about the process of opening their store Gazelle Sports in Downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan, and the barriers they overcame to make it a success.

Harris Vaughan and Bob Mclaughlin

One Small Step participants Harris Vaughn (49) and Bob McLaughlin [no age given] talk about their upbringing, the losses and mentors that have shaped their lives, and their experiences starting their own business.

Robert Iannicelli and Ian Gonzalez

Robert Iannicelli (45) shares childhood memories with conversation partner Ian Gonzalez (26). He speaks about growing up in his Brooklyn neighborhood and his love for art.

Kristian Alomá and Madeline Duran

Kristian Alomá (39) talks to his employee and friend Madeline Duran (27) about his childhood, the most influential women in his life, and what he has learned from them, and his hopes for the future.

Charles Wilson and Brandi Washington

Charlie Wilson (69) talks to his new acquaintance, Brandi Washington (18), about growing up in Mississippi, moving to the North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago in the 1970s, his family, his work, and his advice to young people on making a...