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Interview with Evelio Mata

Interview with my father about him childhood and his relationships with his family

The Family without a Father

I spoke with my grandmother, Virginia Velarde, about her life growing up with her siblings, mother, and step-father. We spoke about the hardships she went through growing up with her step-father and many other emotional moments in her life, including...

Susan Bolner-Hamilton and Caleb Mills

One Small Step conversation partners Caleb Mills (27) and his mother Susan Bolner-Hamilton (52) met in-person in Oklahoma City. In their One Small Step conversation, they talk about voting, their relationship, and family and friends.

Ralph Presley, 3 months before 80.

Daughter and stepfather from rural Georgia talking about growing up poor but knowing who you are.

Teriyana Morton and Noah Hallstrom

Teriyana Morton (28) interviews her new friend and conversation partner Noah Hallstrom (29), about his childhood, his family, and his experiences with mental health and neurodivergence.