From Bombay to Mumbai: Shrutha and her mom discuss living in post-colonial India.

In this interview, conducted in June 2021 in Rockville, Maryland, Shrutha (17) interviews her mom, Ms. Pai, about growing up in India after the period of British colonialism. Ms. Pai describes what India looked like before the British arrived, painting...

Interview with a white girl

Interview with a white girl on stereotypes

Zareen Jaffery and Huda Al-Marashi

Zareen Jaffery (42) talks to her friend Huda Al-Marashi (43) about how the lack of diverse representation in books they read growing up inspired them to go into publishing and writing respectively; challenging stereotypes in publishing - particularly about a...

Generation project

We discussed the stereotypes on each generation as well as the differences of us growing up.

Interview with an Indian

Interview with an Indian on stereotypes

N. Garrett and Adrienne Landgraf

One Small Step partners N. Garrett (51) and Adrienne Landgraf (75) enjoy a conversation where they explore how they came into their political beliefs and act on their values. They find many similarities between them, including work in the juvenile...

Chinese Korean

We discussed my mother’s childhood and the racism she experienced. Although it there were similar situations in the book Black Boy, they were to an extreme defree. Both of these stories show how much and how little our society’s views...

Woman Stereotypes

This interview contained me asking Kira about common stereotypes and assumptions people may have towards women

Joni Cole and Rachel Morris talk about Joni being an adoptive mother and the effects this had on her and her family members.

This interview was conducted face to face, and it follows a series of questions concerning Joni's opinions on how the adoption in her family affected her and her family as a whole. She answers questions about her relationship with her...

Overcoming stereotypes interview

I interviewed Jaclyn little because we had different schooling experiences growing up with her going to catholic schools and me going to public highschool

Austin Turner and Nate Yoder

One Small Step conversation partners Nate Yoder (52) and Austin Turner (31) talk about growing up in relatively homogenous areas, expanding their point of view, their shifting politics and parenting.

John Quackenbush and Mary Kalamaras

John Quackenbush (49) tells his wife Mary Kalamaras (50) why he became a physicist, how he started to work in the Human Genome Project, where he currently is professionally, and what he hopes his greatest legacy will be.


Some kids discus stereotypes in school

Stereotypes of New Jersey

We discussed the assumptions people have about New Jersey and if they are true or not.

Sunshine Pray and Apryl Yearout

Sunshine Pray (49) and her daughter, Apryl Yearout (32), share a conversation about their Native American roots, racism, white privilege, and their relationships with their extended family.

Culture as a Latina in the United States and the Stereotypes that follow

and this interview we discussed Latino culture, heritage history, and all that goes into being a Latino 

Reflections on Coming Out as an African-American Gay Male

"In high school I tried to date girls, but in the back of my mind I knew I didn't want anything more than friendship from them."

Ramatoulie Deen and Reshma Kamal

Friends, Reshma Kamal [No Age Given] and Ramatouli Deen (43), look back on their childhoods in India and The Gambia, describe their experiences immigrating to the United States, share how their role models have shaped who they are today, and...