A Young Family Thanksgiving

The Young Family annual gathering in 2019 shares their gratitude and love. #THEGREATLISTEN

Reflections on race , gender, and war.

Betty Grant talks about her role in expanding integration in Stephenville, a rural Texas community, gender inequality, and war.

Race, Racism, and Interracial Marriage

My grandmother and I discuss our views and experiences of race, racism, and interracial relationships.

The Life of my Mema

In this interview, I asked my grandmother a series of questions about her childhood and best moments in her life as well as hardships in her life. She also gave advice to listeners.

That tap Into a Deeper thinking

The interviewee was asked questions about Some modern day topics such as love, racism, and Guns. The Interviewee had to critically think about some life changing decisions that has effected him or can effect the future and the environment around...

growing up mixed

Sophia Silva is a 15 year old student at Santa Monica highschool. She interviewed Isabella Del Castillo who is also a student at Santa Monica highschool, Bella is 16. together we discussed the topic of growing up mixed, and all...

Philip Gibbs and Offie Wortham

One Small Step conversation partners Philip Gibbs (62) and Offie Wortham (83) met virtually to talk about the civil rights movement; their opinions of former President Donald Trump; BLM; and issues of immigration, crime and fear.

Work Now, Chill Later

For the "Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019" Siddharth Patel, a student at Egg Harbor Towsnhip High School interviews his grandfather, Kishor Patel. He reflects on his past. He talks about how he met my grandmother, Lali Patel. He also talks about...

Growing up In Milwaukee race relations

Growing up in Milwaukee and Nigeria and how her husband and her were treated different based on race

My sister Whiley Hałł and me.

Her ultra running races and maintaining the fitness.


Interviewed sherrie about what race was like

Kathleen Benjamin and Daniel Alonzo

Kathleen Benjamin (62) talks with her childhood and lifelong friend Daniel Alonzo (62) about their respective childhoods growing up in Santa Monica. The friends talk about how Santa Monica has changed throughout the years, as well as Daniel's artistic endeavors.

The Great Listen

This interview is about how life was like for my older brother who grew up in Bangladesh. I thought it would be interesting to find out how his childhood was like seeing how it is much different from the childhood...

Richard Collot is interviewed by his son Nathan Collot about random stuff that happened in his life.

In this interview, conducted December 2018 in Greenville, South Carolina, Richard Collot (54) and Nathan Collot (14) talk about his life before Nathan was born. He is interviewed about what he did as a teenager. He also talks about life...

Kerri Smith and Tana Paddock

One Small Step conversation partners Kerri Smith (50) and Tana Paddock (48) talk about the media, what it means to be a "minarchist libertarian", and how to bridge political divides.

“Create a new you, but never forget where you came from.”

Mark Mercado, a hardworking father, tells us the story of his experiences in Philippines and America. During the interview, we are able to see the before and afters of his life in Philippines then in America. Mark had huge expectations...

Evita Smith Chicago mother talks about growing up and life in Chicago today.

I asked my mother about the strong women in her life growing up and how they influenced her. We also talked about her outlook on life in Chicago today and gun control.