Sydney’s story about where she feels most at home.

Our Love Journey (Mandy & Kevin)

This is a recap of our Love Journey together a few months before our wedding.

Riley hjelden interview with Jane Hjelden

Questions 1 through 4 because it stopped from a corruption

My Story Matters

Interviewing the Handsome Jose

ENG 131 Interview: Chris Ray interviews his parents.

Chris Ray starts by interviewing his mother, with his father coming in soon after.

Life in Iran

My grandmother and I talked about her life in Iran.

A Person of Inspiration

We talked about my dad’s life and what he has done to shape the way he lived today. Also the impact he has had on other people.

Roll of the Dice

Teenager Marty Anderson is tales by his gang to steal a flash drive. Little does he know that this situation gets out of hand quickly. He makes a friend that he learns he shouldn’t trusted so quickly.

Getting To Know My Mom

My mom talks about her life, from her childhood in Vietnam all the way to where she wants to live in the future.

Someone Living With Cancer
October 31, 2018 App Interview

Pamela Earney is a woman who has been living with cancer since 2012. In this interview she talks about how cancer has affected her everyday life and the ones around her.