Story of my birth

Interviewing my mom about her birthing experience with me. Asking questions about me as a baby and having fun asking her about me.


Ted Smith details his life growing up on a ranching homestead in Broadus. He talks about his family, ranch, and everything in between.

Jeff’s Story

A story of my dad Jeff reflecting on when he had cancer

Making the Best of Hardship and Change: An Interview with my Dad

In this interview, I talk to my dad about his experiences growing up, how they shaped him into the person he is today, and learn some life lessons along the way.

My father’s mother; The great life of Laura Jane Rullman Dowers
November 26, 2022 App Interview

Laura Jane Rullman Dowers was interviewed by Melanie Jane Dowers. They talked about their lives and shared memories.

Caleigh Heitmann and Candace Barrett Birk- Intergenerational Storytelling

Caleigh, a college student at the University Massachusetts Amherst, is matched with a community volunteer, Candace, to participate in a semester long storytelling project together for Caleigh's class entitled "The Epidemic of Loneliness. After establishing a new intergenerational relationship, they...

Roll of the Dice

Teenager Marty Anderson is tales by his gang to steal a flash drive. Little does he know that this situation gets out of hand quickly. He makes a friend that he learns he shouldn’t trusted so quickly.

Childhood Memory

I interviewed my friend Samantha

An Uncle Passes Down A Lifetime Of Wisdom to His Inspired Niece

Anh Tran is priest who has traveled the world, met various people through networking, and has grown up trying to find his special place in the world. His story of love and life well spent with family is inspiring and...

BigHugeMassiveWill vs. Mom

Will and Sam discuss various life questions on how Sam’s life experiences have played out

From Jamaica to The USA

I interviewed my Mom, Laurene, on her thoughts on immigrating from Jaimiaca to America as well as her thoughts on both countries.

Reminiscing with Melissa

This is a reminiscing with my 11 year old sister Melissa. We talk about a story we wrote called A Tale of 6 Orbs.

A Look into Her Life

Take a look at my grandmas life from childhood to the present. I got to see what her love life was like and how it has evolved and get advice from mistakes she made.

Eric James Brown II: His Short Story

I decided to interview Eric, who is my fiancé’s college best friend. He us truly an amazing, driven, and successful human being. This interview could’ve went on forever!