Robert Norman and Mark Rentschlar

Friends Robert "Rob" Norman (66) and Mark Rentschlar (58) share a conversation about writing, reading, medicine, and the value of stories.

Noreen McRoyal and Audifac Ignace

Spouses Noreen McRoyal (58) and Audifac Ignace (55) center their conversation about their respective matriarchal families, storytelling, preserving, and sharing oral cultures, and how to teach acceptance through storytelling to children.

Kevin O'Leary and Alex Wu

Andover Stories of American Identity: Andover resident Kevin O'Leary shares his story about his worldly upbringing, and how it all led to his profession of becoming a psychologist to help wounded veterans heal.

Carol Birch and Jennifer Munro

Jennifer Munro (70) interviews her good friend, Carol Birch (74), about Carol's journey as a personal and literary storyteller.

Getting to Know Hattie Kruschek

To explore the powerful impact and potential of storytelling to create peace and facilitate understanding, Kodee interviews Hattie as part of an assignment for their introduction to peace and justice class at St. Norbert College.

Brian Smith and Celeste Smith

Brian Smith (66) shares a conversation with his daughter, Celeste Smith (24), about Celeste’s childhood, the stories that Brian would tell her then, Brian’s grandfather and the stories he would tell, COVID-19, the wildfires in California, and the comfort that...

Storytelling Assignment

This interview was conducted via phone call. Storytelling Assignment 03/27/22

inside the intelligence of kamarion miller

In this interview, I conversed with Kamarion Miller, a 16-year-old artist, author, designer, actor, and many more, and discussed the power of storytelling and his advice for audiences.

Story Telling Assignment- Interview with Ranju Rahil

This interview was with my sister-in-law who says she is 36 but i think she’s older. We discussed her life and accomplishments as well as regrets. We also discussed her view of me and my children. I learned a lot...

Ben Hart and Peg Hart

Benjamin "Ben" Hart (35) interviews his mother, Peg Hart (67), about motherhood, adoption, and the art of conversating.

Covid-19: Maria Trajtenberg

Jackie Neale interviews her undergraduate photography student, Maria Trajtenberg while we are conducting interviews and taking photographs for our storytelling project, The Corona Collective. Maria is living in TriBeCa New York City through the pandemic, and talks about how she...

Thanksgiving 2019 Interview- Cara Cagan- Woolsey Fire

Talking about the experience before and after the Woolsey Fire, which threatened Calabasas, CA.

Carol Burke and Kate Christensen

Mother, Carol Burke (69), and daughter, Kate Christensen (40), remember Carol's late father, discuss her unique small town upbringing and her hopes for the future.

"Speak the truth in love is not the worst advice…" – Ben Brazil shares stories of travel, writing, politics and the people of Richmond, IN

If you struggle with the current political climate (especially the public discourse), take a listen to Ben's interview. Learn about his early life, his path to Richmond, religion, and his career/projects. He also talks about the way he navigates current...

Whitney Hill, Jor'Donna Bogan , and Joanna Bogan

Whitney Hill (26) and her cousins, Jor'Donna Bogan (32), and Joanna Bogan (24) talk about dealing with Joanna's autism and their current work. Whitney started a storytelling project, called SPORK!, in order to collect the stories of those who are...

Nicholas Piediscalzi and Christy Hightower

Nicholas Piediscalzi, a retired United Church of Christ minister, talks to us about his personal experience and relationship to peace, as well as his work in peace-making in larger settings. As a minister in Chicago in the 1940s and 1950’s...

Gloria DiFulvio and Mario DiFulvio

Gloria DiFulvio (54) interviews her brother, Mario DiFulvio (64), about the role of music in his life.

The Farooqie Family's favorite library moments and impromptu song circle.

The Farooqie children begin with sharing their favorite things to do at the Fountaindale Public Library before singing a medley for the ages.

“This resiliency is a muscle and a practice…” – Ashley on her relationship with herself, her family, and her community.

Ashley talks about growing up as Irish Twins (her sister), learning to be honest with herself and others, and the art of resiliency. Ashley, a self-proclaimed emotional sponge, gives us some life advice ("Forward is forward...") and talks about how...

Aydan and Aunt Paddy

I interviewed my aunt from my dads side. I asked her a lot about her childhood and what it was like growing up with my dad.