Linda Gorham and Gwendolyn Hilary

Linda Gorham (58) tells her friend Gwendolyn Hilary (68) about being a professional storyteller. She also talks about what she learned from her grandfather who was a Pullman Porter, her passion for golf and how she learned about race in...

Sheba Rasheed and Taahira Duty

Sheba Rasheed (48) talks to her daughter, Taahira Duty (20), about Taahira's father and the book that Sheba wrote about his passing.

Terran Williams and Jen Little-Reece

Jen Little-Reece (50) shares stories with her partner Terran Williams (36) about her work as an oncology nurse and her experiences with patients and death and dying.

Alec Acosta and Christopher Abreu

Alec Acosta (19) talks with his teacher Christopher Abreu (32) about his childhood, school experiences, meaningful friendships, artistic interests, and about what his hopes are for the future.

Danielle Varner and Paul Pierce

Danielle Patterson Varner (42) interviews her colleague Paul Pierce (68) about his career in the theater industry. They also discuss the importance of community theater as a space for storytelling and identity-building, as well as the legacy of kindness Paul...

Storytelling Project

This is an interview with my three-year boyfriend.

Yasmeen Kadouh and Syma Mohammed

Syma Mohammed (33) talks with new friend, Yasmeen Kadouh (25), about her podcast, Dearborn Girl, which encourages self-empowerment for Arab and/or Muslim women through storytelling.

Julie & Jarod Contreras

In conversation with my (Jarod) mom (Julie) on her love of photography, how photography shapes her life, her connection to her parents and in-laws and the history they experienced, and on our responsibility as storytellers.

Carol Burke and Kate Christensen

Mother, Carol Burke (69), and daughter, Kate Christensen (40), remember Carol's late father, discuss her unique small town upbringing and her hopes for the future.

Whitney Hill, Jor'Donna Bogan , and Joanna Bogan

Whitney Hill (26) and her cousins, Jor'Donna Bogan (32), and Joanna Bogan (24) talk about dealing with Joanna's autism and their current work. Whitney started a storytelling project, called SPORK!, in order to collect the stories of those who are...

Aydan and Aunt Paddy

I interviewed my aunt from my dads side. I asked her a lot about her childhood and what it was like growing up with my dad.

Brian Smith and Celeste Smith

Brian Smith (66) shares a conversation with his daughter, Celeste Smith (24), about Celeste’s childhood, the stories that Brian would tell her then, Brian’s grandfather and the stories he would tell, COVID-19, the wildfires in California, and the comfort that...

The Farooqie Family's favorite library moments and impromptu song circle.

The Farooqie children begin with sharing their favorite things to do at the Fountaindale Public Library before singing a medley for the ages.

Carol Birch and Jennifer Munro

Jennifer Munro (70) interviews her good friend, Carol Birch (74), about Carol's journey as a personal and literary storyteller.

Gloria DiFulvio and Mario DiFulvio

Gloria DiFulvio (54) interviews her brother, Mario DiFulvio (64), about the role of music in his life.

inside the intelligence of kamarion miller

In this interview, I conversed with Kamarion Miller, a 16-year-old artist, author, designer, actor, and many more, and discussed the power of storytelling and his advice for audiences.

Noreen McRoyal and Audifac Ignace

Spouses Noreen McRoyal (58) and Audifac Ignace (55) center their conversation about their respective matriarchal families, storytelling, preserving, and sharing oral cultures, and how to teach acceptance through storytelling to children.

“This resiliency is a muscle and a practice…” – Ashley on her relationship with herself, her family, and her community.

Ashley talks about growing up as Irish Twins (her sister), learning to be honest with herself and others, and the art of resiliency. Ashley, a self-proclaimed emotional sponge, gives us some life advice ("Forward is forward...") and talks about how...

Ben Hart and Peg Hart

Benjamin "Ben" Hart (35) interviews his mother, Peg Hart (67), about motherhood, adoption, and the art of conversating.

COVID-19: Eric Robinson

Eric Robinson talks about how difficult it has been to watch his son, a senior in high school in March 2020, grappled with the disappointments of the Covid-19 shutdowns. Because of the nationwide stay-at-home orders all three of his sons...