Covid interview

I talk with my dad about how his life was like during the panndemic

Pandemic Interview

We talked about how covid impacted her as a person and what she did.

Bella Bargman interviwes Adithi Vardhan on a teenager's life during Covid-19.

Bella Bargman: 2021-05-27 16:52:20 Adithi Vardhan reflects on how Covid-19 has changed her life over the past year, from relationships with family and school to new pets and plans for the future.

Interview with my dad

This is an interview of my dads feelings on certain topics and life experiences.

young adulthood during a pandemic

Interview with genesis Lozano (21) interviewed by her sister Betania Lozano (15). Interview is about genesis’s young adulthood in quarantine.

Service Corps Interview #1

20 year old view of the pandemic and the world changing around her.

Mum via FB

Chatting from afar during COVID-19 quarantine

Interview with Jenny
October 12, 2021 App Interview

In this interview, Jenny talks about some of the hardships in her life and her walk in faith.

How Our Lives Changed During Covid

Annabelle, Greta, and Nadya talk about how their lives have changed during the pandemic

COVID-19 Interview

In this interview, I talk to my roommate, Jake about his life since COVID-19.


Ericka’s current feelings towards the pandemic

Pandemic interview

I talked about how his family was personally affected and how church was going for him.

CNA's and Covid 19

A cna is interviewed both on her job and how it has changed due to covid 19. From learning about the daily routine of taking care of residents in a nursing home, to how limited ppe effects cna's ability to...