My grandfather and I

We talked about what struggles of your life

“I promised myself that no matter whatever happens… none of my kids and grandkids will struggle like I did”

In this interview, Kachane Piturachsatit discussed his experience with the American Dream. How he grew up, what he achieved, and the promises that he made to himself that helped guide his life. Although his life was not easy, he managed...

Interview with Mom 1

We talked about the life stories, family, disappointments and regrets we have been through.

Allison Taylor’s experience at Ole Miss

Allison talks about her time here at Ole Miss and what has been the most challenging and the most fun.

Dinner Table Conversation

The history and progression of my parents from refugees to American citizens. Also advice for a child’s path to success.

Living in Ethiopia During The Red Terror

The Red Terror was the Ethiopian version of Stalin’s purges - and Berihu was right in the middle of it.

What’s the best thing your parents did in raising you?

My mother, Kristan Jacobson, talks about her parents and how they have shaped her into the mom she is today for my brothers and I.

Learning about Michelle

I interviewed Michelle and asked her about her family, goals in life, and how she was shaped as a person.

Ms.Voegeli talks about growing up with a single parent and the struggle that she faced to get to where she is today.

In this interview, conducted on June 7th, 2018, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Ms. Elizabeth Voegeli, a beloved teacher in the Tallwood High School’s Global Studies and World Languages Academy, talks about her childhood and the past experiences that shapes who...

my roots interview.

This interview talks about the hardships that my mom experienced when her mothers and father had passed away.

“The Chosen Baby”
December 5, 2021 App Interview

Recorded on December 5th, 2021. Madilyn Carpenter-Sauvie (16) interviews her grandmother Marcia Sauvie (76). Asking her about her journey through her identity as an adopted child, and how she came to find out about who her biological family is. She...

Talk with my Mom about Portugal

What me and my mom talked about was what struggles were there in coming from Azores and how life was different. We also talked about what was her biggest accomplishment or biggest impact on her life that was either positive...

Jenny Rask Interview 4 with Father Gene Rask. My dad's Father's education and political views. Family life in Butte.

Jenny Rask: 2020-08-30 20:10:01 Jenny Rask (49) talks with father Gene Rask (88) about his own father's political views and how they developed. His father's personality and education. Advice his father gave him. His father's ambitions and work in Butte,...

Dorothy Lemmey interviews Georgett Lovey

Georgett has ovarian cancer stage iv that was diagnosed 3 years ago. She came to Florida to spend a week with me and I wanted to interview her. She cried a few times but I felt it went well.

“It wasn’t easy” – Growing up in New York

My grandfather talks about the changes he experienced and how difficult life was growing up in New York with nothing. He discusses his relationship with his brother and some stories from schooling in Cuba. How he managed to overcome immense...

Interviewing my Sister

We talked about Race and ethnicity and how it effects not only her but also her community

My Interview with my grandfather (from LA)

I had to interview my grandfather over the phone because he is going into Chemo Therapy tomorrow

Bertha Ortega

On November 25, 2021 I interviewed my great grandma Bertha Ortega (the oldest person at my Thanksgiving table). I learned more about her life.

Interviews with Austin, Brody, and Haley about their experiences as adolescent student-athletes.

Podcast on the experience of student-athletes and how those experiences shaped their identity, social life, and struggles they may have faced along the way.