I interviewed Carlos who is my partner at tec University

Diane Schick and David Schick

Spouses, Diane Schick (71) and David Schick (71), share a conversation about serendipity, how they first met in Iran, and their travels in Europe after leaving Iran.

Aleithia Stephens and Jeanne Lowry

One Small Step conversation partners Aleithia Stephens (35) and Jeanne Lowry (58) met for the first time in-person in Oklahoma City. In their One Small Step conversation they talk about what led them to become educators, what talking politics with...

Thoughts of Studying in a Strange Country

Xulio talks with his roommate, Zhang Chenxing about his expectations and concerns about studying in America.

We love our Off-campus experience

Brinn is a freshman at St. Norbert College who came back from the GAP experience, where she has a chance to studying about many social justice issues throughout the U.S. and Guatemala. And Tran is an international student who spent...

Kim Jones and Larry Marsh

Kim Jones (65) interviews her spouse Larry Marsh (80) about his childhood, his career as a history teacher, and his varied interests, including photography, music, and theater.

Chanrita Srey and Jesse Irwin

Chanrita Srey (23) and her boyfriend Jesse Irwin (22) discuss their relationship, their first meeting while studying abroad, and how they have influenced each other. Chanrita, who is Cambodian, and Jesse, who is American, talk about the "international" nature of...

Briefly student life at high school as a Chinese students and more
November 29, 2021 App Interview

First impression of ves, why did Ryan choose ves and some details about school life at ves.

The road not taken

About my opinions on studying abroad

Cassidy Mason and Rebecca Smith

One Small Step conversation partners Cassidy Mason (20) and Rebecca Smith (38) discuss Cassidy's newly forming family, Rebecca's teaching and traveling, and how their upbringings shaped their political views.

Paige and Janie’s Adventures Abroad

We discussed our experiences, new perspectives, and valuable lessons learned while studying off-campus.

Success Abroad

Shivansh Sharma, age 14, interviews his father Ashish Sharma on his transition to Australia for attending Queensland University. Mr. Sharma discusses the struggles and changes he faced during his transition. From leaving his homeland to getting jobs in a foreign...

interview with my dad
November 28, 2021 App Interview

asked my dad some question about his experience study in UK

Thoughts about studying abroad

Serena and her friend Cathy are talking about studying abroad. What problems does she concern and how she will face it? What expectations do she have?

“I was not rebellious at all”

We just talked about her life before meeting Sam and then how being married has changed their relationship. We also talked about future plans and goal for life

Journey to the future

Chandler Chen talks with his cousin Jack Chen about his studying abroad a month later

BoiseSpeaks: Erika Shares Her Happy Journey To America

Erika Warner shares her story of learning English, falling in love, finding her life’s vocation and the importance of giving back to your community.

Danelle [No Name Given] and Ann Hawley

One Small Step conversation partners Danelle [No Name Given] (43) and Ann Hawley (45) discuss their shared experiences as educators and the roles that faith, family, and travel play in their lives.