Lucien Kilonda Fataki and Teguo Djoyum

Lucien Kilonda (35) interviews his friend and colleague Teguo Djoyum (37) about Teguo's work in public health, which focuses on brain health and reducing the stigma of epilepsy, particularly in underserved regions of Africa, and ultimately the United States.

Pura Vida Miami Restaurant Interview

Today Katherine Mesa (20) interviewed Assistant Manager, Isla Gervacio, of Pura Vida health food restaurant in South Miami. They discussed the impact of the establishment in regards to creating accessibility to clean and sustainable food options, and it’s influence on...

Nicola Weiss, Evan Weiss , Megan Weiss, Cameron Weiss, Chad Weiss, Ian Weiss, and Sean Weiss

Chad Weiss (46) speaks with his wife, Nicola Wiess (46) and their children, Evan Weiss (15), Megan Weiss (15), Cameron Weiss (15), Ian Weiss (13) and Sean Weiss (16), about their work in the sciences. The children talk about they...

Biomimicry with Cynthia Fishman

An interview by Matt Hron, a biology graduate student from Miami a University, with Cynthia Fishman, the founder and director of the Biomimicry Design Alliance in Denver, Colorado.

Cindy Su and Sneha Sharma

Friends Sneha Sharma (17) and Cindy Su (17) share a conversation about their experiences as high school students during the COVID-19 pandemic, their environmental advocacy work, their mentors, and their families.

Keith Soster and Laasya Chukka discuss preparing for the climate emergency.

Laasya Chukka discusses responding to the climate crisis in 2030 with Keith Soster, director of sustainability and food service at MDining. Mr. Soster offers a new perspective to the crisis on people and food. He discusses specific methods MDining employed...

Jerry Hamel and Julia Sherman

Julia Sherman (27) interviews her friend, Jerry Hamel (86), about his childhood, his cattle-ranching and rodeo careers, the history of his land, and what being a cowboy means to him.

Bobbek Hakimzadeh and Sepideh Nazarian

Friends Bobbek Hakimzadeh (38) and Sepideh "Sepi" Nazarian (20) talk about studying Islamic Sufism and how it pertains to sustainability.

The critical human infrastructure of open source with Duane O'Brien

Open source is people and people are open source. Duane O'Brien talks about what he's learned about supporting, connecting with, and caring for the critical human infrastructure of open source.

A Discussion with Michael on Food

Michael and I have a nice conversation on food, local food, and consuming habits

Kenny Wawsczyk and David Jaunese

David "Dave" Jaunese [no age given] and Kenny Wawsczyk [no age given] discuss their respective careers with the US Forest Service and the North Country Trail Association. They speak about their favorite trails along the North Country Trail and express...

Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly and Anasa Scott

Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly (57) tells her former colleague Anasa Scott (36) about her efforts working as an environmental and science educator.

Aaron and Mackenzie discussing preparing for the climate emergency

Father, Aaron, and daughter, Mackenzie, discuss what the last decade has entailed from a sustainability mindset for Aaron. As a father, educator, and farmboy, Aaron shares about actions he has taken and actions he wishes to be more intentional about...

Sterling Ranch, a 21st Century Community

As part of an Urban Ecology course, I interviewed one of the developers of Sterling Ranch, a new community in Denver.

Erin DeMarines and Brandie McCallum

Friends Erin DeMarines [no age given] and Brandie McCallum [no age given] share a conversation about plant-based eating, fitness, health, nutrition, and the business that Erin started.

Nate Misra and Erin Baldwin Discuss Eco-Teams Impact on The Community

In this interview Nate Misra speaks with Erin Baldwin about her eco-teams initiative and the impact it has had on the community. She elaborates on her successful implementation of Lewin's model into a practical use.

Sustainability with Sophie

I talk with Sophia Gonzales about sustainability and how it can be adapted to the everyday modern life.

"Tracking whales from space.” an interview with Woody Turner

Woody Turner, the program scientist for biological diversity and manager for ecological forecasting programs at NASA, and one of the few people in the world who directly harness the power of space to solve a whale of a problem –...