Scott and Chris discuss local food

Scott talks about his relationship to local food. He breaks down why the industrialized food distribution system is not sustainable, his experience working with his dad to create an environmentally-friendly small farm in Canada, and why the United States needs...

Episode 3: The Practice of Building Up and Growing Out Landraces

On this episode of "Unpacking the Grain Shed" we sit down with Don Scheuerman, co-owner of Palouse Heritage, as well as three farmers he contracts out with to grow landrace grains. Joe Delong of Delong farms, Neil Appel of Appel...

Cedar Perrone and Albert Risemberg

New friends Cedar Perrone (63) and Albert Risemberg (59) talk about their love of Gulfport, Florida, where they both live. Cedar describes how her father brought the family to the area. Albert talks about his love of beekeeping.