Interview a Taiwan director at “making wave”

Difference between VR film shooting and traditional film shooting

“When I go back to Taiwan, I feel very free”
October 10, 2018 App Interview

Olivia Chen, 36, from Taiwan, talks about her experience living in America without her family for 10 years. She shares her accomplishments in earning her Master’s degree in business and how she brought part of her culture with her to...

Lunch and interview with Yeye Nini (and the dogs)

I interviewed my grandparents from my dads side of the family after lunch with them. During the interview I found out what I was like in Taiwan 50 years ago.

Interview with Dad

We talked about his history in Taiwan and the U.S.

My mom’s experiences and her views.

My Mom and I sat in my room and talked about her experiences with immigrating to America from Taiwan and the path she took to get here. My Mom along with her younger siblings all came to America to seek...

A-Gong (Grandfather) and his childhood

In this interview, A-Gong talks about his childhood and young adult years while he was living in Taiwan. He talks a bit about his family, his lifestyle, and how he was able to cope with the many changing environments he...

A talk with Ms.Linda Ling, a film producer

A interview with a film producer Ms Linda in UTAR “making waves” workshop about her films experiences.

A-Ma (Grandmother) and her life story

My grandmother shares her life story from her childhood to Taiwan to immigrating with her and her family to the United States. Note that in this interview she speaks in Mandarin (Chinese) and my mother was on the side helping...

Grandpa’s Life
November 28, 2019 App Interview

I interview my grandpa about his past, his life, and some of his personal thoughts

Taiwan to America: Lessons Passed Down

This interview was done with my mother who moved to the United States for graduate school. She grew up in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Thanks to modern technology, in this interview, I video called my mom, who went back to her hometown...

A Director in Taiwan, Mr. Lien Chien Hung

Mr. Lien Chien Hung is a director From Taiwan, he also will be a scriptwriter sometimes.

Isabella interviews her mom about growing up in Taiwan, moving to the U.S. at age 14, and more.

When she was 14, Isabella’s mom, Laura, moved here with her family and started high school in Iowa — and she didn’t know any English. In this interview, Laura tells Isabella about growing up in Taiwan, moving to Iowa, and...