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story corps interview for school

Jaime Acevedo (17) Angel Angulo(52). interviewer is stepson while person interviewed is step dad. some topics were country of origin, what they did when they arrived in the US etc.

Laurie Ann Wilson

I interviewed my mom Laurie Ann Wilson in Boise, ID. Sitting under the trees in the middle of the summer enjoying life and strawberry wine. Telling stories in my brother Kimo's backyard.

Best interview ever with my teacher

Alexis Mitchell (16 years old) interview Mr. Dean Struempf and they discuss all the ups and downs about of life

Two sisters talking about life

Just two sisters talking to each other about life and random things. We are just enjoying each other’s company.

Talking About The Impact of Your Choices and Deep Stuff with My Dad

In this storycorps I talk with my dad, Greg Fowler, about his experience in the Navy, and how little, yet grand the impact of our choices and humans is. Also, how interesting nature works and how it continues.


Talking with my mom and life and everything. My mom and i are playing sequence while dad is at work

Alicia Kobilnyk and Jonathan Kobilnyk

Alicia Kobilnyk (36) and her husband, Jonathan Kobilnyk (38), share their love story, explain why they decided to bring Christianity into their lives, describe their current family, and talk about their third child, who will soon join them.

Talking to Taylor Diffin

Interviewing Taylor about her life growing up and her life now. Getting to know her and her life better.