Lead up to the civil war

These are interview questions about the lead up to the civil war that I decided to ask my step dad

U.S. History Podcast Semester 2

A podcast with my mother and father over the event leading up to the Civil War

Unplanned Immigration

“We had to flee. We didn’t plan it, just in a matter of two hours we were out of the country.” My name is Puzant Kiwanian and I am 15 years old. The story you will hear in this recording...

“Standing on My Own Two Feet”

My mom told the story of her experience in Burma to Thailand and finally America.

Civil War Discussion

My grandpa knows so much about history I loved doing this. Can’t wait for you to listen!

Jennifer Reed and Edward Wood III

Jennifer Reed (54) interviews her father, Edward "Ed" Wood III (80), about his childhood, the information he has found about their family history through his interest in genealogy, and the Christian mission work their family does together.

History Podcast

Sharlize and Alexis interview each other about history, while being rushed by Sharlize’s mother.

Lead up to the civil war

These are interview questions about the lead up to the civil war that I decided to ask my step dad

Civil War Discussion

We talked about previous presidents, ideologies, and bills that helped feed the flames of the civil war.

US History, Civil War Podcast

There were a lot of events that lead up to the civil war. We’re going to pick apart a couple of them and break down what we thought each event contributed.

Civil war discussion

A discussion about the buildup to the civil war

Tatjana Tadic Andrews and Svjetlana Tadic

Tatjana Tadic Andrews (28) talks with her mother, Svjetlana Tadic (49), about her experience leaving Bosnia in her 20s during civil war and coming to the US as a refugee. Svjetlana recalls first impressions of new foods she tried in...

Elaina Behounek and Arlene Baker

One Small Step conversation partners Elaina Behounek (41) speaks to Arlene Baker (68) about the history of politics and sex education.

Peace and Quiet Turns Into Chaos and Riots

When Jo Ingledew went on a research scholarship to Colombo University in Sri Lanka, she didn’t realize that a trip to study coconut emzymes would be interrupted by the beginning of a civil war lasting 26 years.


This is an interview with my grandfather for English class during Thanksgiving break

A Disrupted Childhood

Imagine being 11 years old, fleeing from your country to escape a civil war. Alfonso Campos didn’t have to imagine this, he experienced it. Olivia Campos, his 14 year old daughter, has interviewed him about the early years of his...

Anne Nowrouz and Nathaniel Cross

One Small Step partners Anne Nowrouz (73) and Nathaniel "Nat" Cross (55) have a conversation about their connections to the Peace Corps, the need for political parties to work together, and being open to optimism for the future.

Us History Podcast

I interview my mom about the Civil War.

US History Semester 1 Podcast

A interview of topics discussing the events leading up to the Civil War.

Civil War Interview

I discuss some of the events that lead up to thr Civil War with my brother.

Civil War Podcast

This is about the lead up to the Civil War.