Life as a Teen Mother

I interviewed my mother about her life when she found out she was going to be a teen mom.

Ready or not, here I come…

A discussion about how a teen pregnancy changed the course of my mom’s life

Jordon Ruff and Riley Berry

18 year old daughter interviews her mother who had her at the age of 18.

Grandma Thomas

Talked about her life and her experience having children and getting married so early.

Caroline’s Interview 2018

My Mom and I talked about her experience being pregnant with me at a young age. We also talked about her perspective on being pregnant later in her life.

Developmental Psychology Interview

In this interview, Dakotah (20F) asks her grandmother Wendy (71F) questions about her life. We discuss Wendy’s good and bad memories, life as a teenage mom, and thoughts about the world.

“Is Thanksgiving important to you?”

In their home located within Egg Harbor Township, Bryanna Ortiz (16) interviewed her mom, Rubi Ortiz (33). Together they reflect back on Rubi’s life and understand experiences and values that family should have. During this, they also discuss Rubi's childhood...

Joelle DeHerrera and Alicia Taylor

Friends Joelle DeHerrera (43) and Alicia Taylor (43) share a conversation about how their personal teen pregnancy experiences led them to be the friends and people they are today. They also talk about shame, acceptance, and past challenges as mothers.

Teen pregnancy

What we talked about is her pregnancy at age 15 and wat was the effect on it #SantaAnaProblem. #Solutions #BeTheChange #PBL #ValleyHighSchool #Dhenin

"My mother urging me to be self sufficient left me craving attention."

A mother goes through her life reflecting on how her childhood (or the lack thereof) shaped her mindset on life. There were a lot of amazing memories and damaging mistakes made, but how we learn and grow from those should...

A daughter & her father

In this interview, conducted in April 21 2020 in Anaheim, California, Michelle Torres interviews her father Miguel Torres about his childhood, his family and how he came into this country illegally. Miguel shared stories about moments with his mother changing...

Unexpected News

A 17 year old girl who is secretly dating a 28 year old man. She gets pregnant and soon after delivering her baby she is not prepared to recieve the news that she was pregnant again. This time with twins.

service learning interview

i interviewed my mother, Erika Salazar. She is 34, we talked about many of her experiences.

Audrey Hoffman and Josie Orton

Josie Orton (19) interviews her mother Dr. Audrey Hoffman (38) about teen pregnancy, childhood memories, and plans for the future.

Destiny York and her mother Samantha York talk about how she met her dad.

In this interview, recorded in Neosho, Missouri on November 12, 2021 in the home of Destiny (16) and her mom Samantha York (34) talk about how she met Destiny’s dad. They met in a school for troubled kids. They were...

The experiences that shape us to be who we are.

In this interview, I am speaking with my mother who has had an interesting life to say the least. Delving into her life experiences and the lessons she has learned from them.

Olivia Johnson and Leah Hazell

One Small Step conversation partners Olivia Johnson (38) and Leah Hazell (68) come together to share their lived experiences and talk through the complicated aspects of being loving parents. The two share in common that they came to One Small...

Destiny York interviews her best friend (Her father).

In this interview, recorded in Neosho, Missouri on November 12, 2021 in the home of Destiny (16) and her Dad Levi York (35) talk about how he met Destiny’s mom. They met in a school for troubled kids. They were...

Who actually is my father?

A father and daughter talk, which is something they often don’t do.