Profile Interview

I talked with Campbell about what she’s learned in life so far and what she aspires to do in the future.

Ms. Douglas’s child birth traumas

In this interview, conducted in November 17th , 2017, in Lincoln Park High School, Chicago, Illinois, Biljana Tanceva (16) interviews her Law teacher Miss Douglas (53) about her childhood and the beginning of her adulthood. Miss Douglas shares her story...

Sis to sis

I asked questions to my sister about different things.

Jailene and Eneida Sanchez, her grandma talk about her childhood days growing up in Puerto Rico.

In this interview recorded in Chicago, Illinois, Jailene Ortiz interviews her grandma, Eneida Sanchez about her childhood growing up in Puerto Rico. She shares her struggles she encountered living on an island with her parents not only providing for her...

Interview with my mom

I talked with my mom about her past as a teenager, what she did, and the relationships she had with her family members.

Young independence

In he book Black Boy by Richard, being independent is an important topic. Us teenager are being forced to be independent at a young age which come in cons and pros.

A Short Peek Into the Past
September 13, 2019 App Interview

In this interview, Elly talks about her life as a kid in Hong Kong, her time at boarding school in England, and a stupid decision she made in college.

Max Troilo interview Miranda Troilo 2019

We talked about how Miranda thinks and feels as an adolescent.

Emma Guth and her grandfather Terry Rude talk about his childhood and his lifestyle as a teen through the culture.

On December 5, 2018 Emma interviews her grandfather in Greenville, South Carolina about his life as a teenager and how it was influenced by the culture. Terry discusses how he came to know the lord and how his childhood affected...

Hannah Morgan speaks with grandma Nancy Morgan to reflect on her youth in Berkeley.

Nancy Morgan, a lifelong resident of the Bay Area, reflects on childhood and adolescent memories of roller skating and the Berkeley protests of the ’60s with her granddaughter, Hannah Morgan.

Important questions for teenagers

Talking about life, and events that shape you as an adult

Growing up

My aunt was telling me about her parents and how she went through many problems in life but she went through it.she also told me you can go through anything in life as long as you have what you need.

Randall Camp Life Story

Randall Camp was raised in Ocala, Florida with his wife Pat. They have 4 children & have been together since the age of 17.

Bri Marcum

This is the story and life of Bri Marcum, a senior at Cosby High School

My mother, Miriam Menchaca, and her life

The interview taken in Fort Worth, Texas was for my mother, Miriam Menchaca. The interview is over the experiences my mother had when growing up in Mexico.

Emma O’Connor interviewing Tim O’Connor about his life and growing up.

This interview took place in Chicago, Illinois on November 25. Emma O’Connor interviews her dad, Tim O’Connor. He reflects back on his life as a teenager. Also, he talks about who influenced his life today and what he is proud...

Greatest Father

I have interviewed my father and heard stories I hadn’t heard before. I has made my knowledge grow with him.