SLP 11/26 Edwin Lorenzo’s Interview

Edwin describes his regrets, greatest memories, and his future in the perspective of a teenager.

How 2020 has changed a teenagers life

I interviewed my best friend on how 2020 has been such a weird year and how Covid may have changed their life. We talked about online school and how that has been a hassle amidst quaratine and how it has...

Wren & Elizabeth

Sharing stories about growing up, experiences that shaped us and having sisters.

Interviewing Mom Hartford

Interview between myself and my mother Bridgett Hartford, about her life growing up and her work ethic throughout the years.


A little look into the wild life of Glory Dadiotis, my grandma.

Music Today V. Then

My name is Alexis Garbutt (22) and I interviewed with my father, Mark Garbutt (53), about how music has an impact on his life and how it has evolved from when he was my age.

Austin Meinert and Jenny Liebig

Austin Meinert (16) talks to his teen librarian, Jenny Liebig (33), about his involvement at the library, experience with bullying as a gay Black teenager, and the importance of fostering mental health in teenagers.

Marie jeune, then, now, and the future

In this interview, conducted on December 02, 2018 in Trinity, Florida, David Lewis (19) interviewed his mother Marie Jeune (38) about her past, present and the future. Mrs. Jeune share stories about what it was like being a teenager from...

Hayley Morales and Riley-Paige Belisle, December 2020

Coming at you live (not really) from their homes, two freshmen from New York's "The Beacon School," Hayley Morales & Riley-Paige Belisle discuss in a teenager's perspective the events happening in the world that is from the messy year we...

Yevheniia Syrevych from Ukraine shares her multiple experiences in the United States.

Yevheniia Syrevych is an immigrant from Ukraine who had multiple experiences in the American culture. She first came to US when she was a junior in high school; she spent a year in Pennsylvania for a student exchange program. She...

Teenagers in the Covid 19 era. Gilbert Ave.

In honor of the StoryCorp virtual mobile tour coming to Montana. (I am Program Director for Montana Public Radio) another interview with my two younger children about this crazy spring living in this era of the social distancing and life.

A Message to Teens Growing Up Today.

Patricia Williams talks about her life at school, and at home. She gives advice to teens and shares her real life experiences which can help others.

An interview with Tatyana
November 28, 2017 App Interview

A short interview with my friend Tatyana, where she talks about some important things in her life.

Pam and Darren Gereau Media Interview

It was about what they were like as teens and what advice they have for teens now and in the future

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Cyril Van Landingham

Originally from Connecticut Cyril moved to Philadelphia to live with his Grandparents after the loss of both of his parents. Cyril and I talk about his day job working in the school system, how he went to Fisk University and...

What It Takes to be a Parent

Being nineteen and working as an assistant for Steven Spielberg as your first job isn’t something most teenagers get the opportunity to experience. On January 6th, 2019 in Los Angeles, California, Zoey Rukavina, age 15, sat down in her room...

How are you

This was fun. Trying to get my 13 year old daughter to answer questions proves that we need way more practice.