Successful Entrepreneur Podcaster Credits Mother as her Inspiration

A successful Sherman, Grayson County, Texas Entrepreneur Podcaster credits her Mother as her greatest Inspiration in life. Nichele Wells' ethnic roots are African American and Mexican, have grown up in Sherman Texas and raised with good, caring small town values...

Personal Experiences of Social Inequality – Media and Social Justice.

I interview my current professor from my Chicanos and Mexicans in the U.S course, Dr. Maria Cristina Morales. She has faced discrimination and prejudice and is also an advocate of using education as a way to fight against the social...

My Dad

Dad’s stories about growing up in Cass County.

People of the Rio Grande Valley Border Towns: Marisol "When the Dreamer stuff passed it was a like an answered prayer…"

People of the Rio Grande Valley Border Towns: Marisol Roten. Marisol, a Mother of 3, and I have a conversation about her experiences growing up in the Rio Grande Valley. The experience of growing up without her biological father, having...

Grandma Leal & Michael

Cecilia Leal is interviewed by her grandson, Michael Leal, on her 88th birthday. 3 months prior to her passing

Abortion Access in Texas After Roe v. Wade

This interview is conducted by 24 year-old Selma Ruhle on her 21 year-old friend and coworker, America Garcia. They discuss America's experience with abortion as well as her opinion on this divisive topic.

Jackie Walker Discusses Historical Politics from an African American Woman’s Perspective

In this interview, Jacqueline Walker, an English professor in Denton, Texas, discusses her upbringings in rural Georgia and her political activism from an early age. As an African American woman, she offers a very unique historical perspective on several presidencies...

Nick Hinojosa Sr. first Mexican American commissioner in Victoria, Texas

Elias Galvan, great-grandson and Stephanie Hinojosa-Galvan, granddaughter, interview with great-grandfather, Nick Hinojosa Sr.

Dad’s interview, 2018

I spoke with my father about his experience immigrating to the United States and childhood in India.

People of the Rio Grande Valley Border Towns: Anonymous 9

Anonymous 9 tells us about her happiest and scariest moment in her life, about growing up in a Colonia, about who she aspires to get her PHD, and how her and her husband fell in love.

Interview with grandma Mary Hart

I interviewed my grandma on my moms side. I found time to interview her at the hotel in Texas. This weekend my cousin got married in Texas and my whole moms side came. I talked about my grandmas life and...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my mother about her family and her life. This includes her favorite holidays and life lessons she’s learned.

Jeanne Archer and Andrew Archer

Andrew Archer interviews his mother, Jeanne Archer. He asked her about her happiest moments, most influential person in her life and how she has learned what she has learned from the people in her life.

People of the Rio Grande Valley Border Towns: Cristina, "We want to create an infrastructure for people to grow into people we want to see.

People of the Rio Grande Valley Border Towns: Cristina Garza, Program Director of the Mission EDC and creator of the Expert In Residence program says part of the Mission CEED co-working space's mission is " create an infrastructure for people...