CHS Career Prep

Life experiences, favorite food, and what the interviewee is most thankful for.

Attitude of Gratitude

We talked about what my mom was most grateful for in life and how she wanted to travel more with our family

APUSH StoryCorps Interview Kaitlin Saal

In the conducted interview, we discussed my grandmother’s childhood, relationships, opportunities, and valuable lessons learned in her life.

Dee what are you thankful for?

Dee is thankful for the basic things in her life.

Attitude of Gratitude Khalaf

We talked about Juliet’s life and what she is thankful for. We also talked about people who impacted her and things that she likes.

Interview with David

We talked about what he was thankful for and what his future holds for him.

Persia Gratitude DeAngelo S

In this interview, my dad answers the question reguarding his gratitude and his life experiences.

Najma’s Narrative

An interview with Najma in order to get to know a fellow St. Norbert student, while also exploring the power of storytelling.

My Mother and I

I have always wanted to know more about my mother about her fears, the people she looked to seem the most important and what careers she was always interested in. My mother is my role model and I guess it’s...

Attitude of Gratitude Schuemann

I interviewed my mom about her life and what she was thankful for.

Thanksgiving interview

I interviewed my father and we talked about what he’s thankful for

The most wonderful person in my life

My mother, Celica Salgado, details her life experiences from childhood to adulthood to share how she kept pushing forward through anything that blocks her way to her and her families future.

Moms past adventurous college life
November 28, 2017 App Interview

In this interview with my mom (November 26th 2017, Andover MN) I interviewed her about her past And her biggest regrets and contrasting that with her biggest achievements. Dena (my mom, age 46) talked about her past college life and...