Marius Gherovici: To live, to survive, and a search for new home.

Marius Gherovici (94) talks about his family and his experience pre, present, and post World War II. His experience as being an Ethnic Jew during the German occupation of Romania, and his life during his time of the Romanian Chisnau...

Daniel Malakowsky and Hanna Zack Miley

Daniel Malakowsky (36) speaks to his close friend and colleague, Hanna Zack Miley (88). Hanna survived the holocaust by escaping to England at the age of 7-years-old. She shares her experience and path to forgiveness in the autobiography, A Garland...

Rabbi Ori Har (interviewee) and Maya Laur (interviewer)

Ori Har: 2020-06-03 Maya Laur, age 18, talks with her family friend Rabbi Ori Har age 66. They discussed her family history and how her legacy as a daughter of Holocaust survivors impacts her life today and lives of future...

Les & Susan Cooper

Les and his family had many narrow escapes from the Nazis during the war and they eventually managed to escape across the boarder to Austria from Hungary. They had to live in a camp for a few months before they...

Helen Spiegel, Frank Spiegel, Sherri Neighbert, and Adam Goldstein

Helen Spiegel (90) and Frank Spiegel (93) tell their grandchildren about their lives in 1930's Germany as Hitler came to power, and they share memories of discrimination their Jewish families experienced, as well as stories of resistance (02:05, 10:43, 15:53)....

Ruth Moss-Katsnelson and Julie Katsnelson

Julie Katsnelson (22) and her mother Ruth Moss-Katsnelson (65) talk about their genealogy and how their family came to Chicago. They also give advice to future generations of their family.

The Holocaust and its Legacy

In this interview, I interviewed my mom about her experiences and history growing up in a family of immigrants fleeing the Holocaust.

Ava Feldman and Emily Feldman

Ava Feldman (18) interviews her grandmother, Emily Feldman (87) about her experience growing up as a young Jewish girl in Lwow, Poland from 1933-1941. Grandma Emily discusses how she and her mother were able to avoid religious persecution and escape...

Miriam Hellreich and Lillian Koller

Lillian Koller (67) speaks with her friend Miriam Hellreich [no age given] about Lillian's parents' experience during the Holocaust, and her experience being the daughter of two survivors.

Dan Warschauer and Aria Nelli discuss Dan's family history with the Holocaust and his experience in Vietnam as a Chaplain's assistant.

Dan Warschauer (76) and Aria Nelli (14) talked about Dan's family history with the Holocaust, his experience in Vietnam as a Chaplain's assistant, and about his hopes for the future. Dan’s family came primarily from Berlin.“ Most of my family...

Daniel Horowitz and Daniel Horowitz

New acquaintances and "name brothers" Daniel "Dan" Horowitz (85) and Daniel Horowitz Garcia (53) have a conversation about their shared name and their career path as historians.

Interview With My Father
November 27, 2017 App Interview

We talked about my dad’s childhood and the way he would like to be remembered in this 10 question interview. This was one of my favorite interviews and I will cherish it forever.

Mike Silver, Holocaust survivor, remembers life in Poland (part 2)

Mike Silver (87) talks with his nieces, Peppi Dotan and Helena Schwarz, about his experiences in Poland and as a Holocaust survivor.

Mike Silver, Holocaust survivor memories

Mike Silver (87) talks with his nieces, Helena Schwarz and Peppi Dotan, about life in Poland during the Holocaust (part 1)

Robert Hilliard and Amy Tardif

Robert Hilliard (91) speaks with his friend Amy Tardif (51) about his work during WWII to help survivors of the Holocaust in a displaced people's camp in Germany. He has written a play about the experience, and hopes to share...

Marion Gruber, Suzy Blough, Sara Blough, and Randi Yablon

Marion Gruber (86) visits StoryCorps Atlanta to talk about her life with her daughters, Randi Yablon (62) and Suzy Blough (61), as well as her granddaughter Sara Blough (27).