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An Interview About the Past

This interview consists of me asking my mom various questions about her life. I chose to interview my Mom because i wanted to know about her past and life in China. My mom is currently 40 years old and was...

A Chat About the Past: War and Memories

In this interview, Kendall (13) interviews her grandfather, Larry (73). She asks questions deep into his past, which include war and stories of it. He shares important memories and how he persevered to get through college. Also, he talks about...

Edie’s grandmother, Prudi, talks about her childhood.

In this interview, conducted on December 5, 2018, Prudi, Edie's grandmother, talks about her childhood. Prudi talks about some of the things that she did and had when she was little. Like how she went to her friend's house everyday...

Diane tells Hettie about her experiences and lessons she has learned throughout her life.

Hettie Brazier interviews her mom, Diane Brazier, on December 5, 2018. They talk about the influences in her mom's life along with Diane's favorite memories from childhood.

Interviewing my Grandma (Over the Phone)

I talk to my grandma about what her life was like when she was my age.

Mr. Jim Long, 93-year-old World War II Air Force Veteran, shares his experience and memories in an interview with Masie Hollingsworth

Mr. Jim Long, 93-year-old World War II Veteran, shares his experience and memories in an interview with student Masie Hollingsworth in Fountain Inn, South Carolina on December 5, 2018. Mr. Long discusses his time in the Air Force in WWII...

Kara talks to Lauren about her experiences in high school.

When asked about an event when she was a teenager, Kara Hattan talks about her friend who attempted suicide. She explains what happened and the outcomes. She also discusses the effect of this on her, and how she and her...

Grampa Micky

A conversation with my father about spirituality, pottery, psychology, and his death.

Interviewing Dad: Thanksgiving 2019

On my dad's 58th birthday, I decided to sit down with him and talk about his journey through life as someone who grew up in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, saw the Berlin Wall go down, and then immigrated to the...

Pushing Through the Pain

As Will entered high school in a Catholic all boys institution, he was strongly encouraged to join a sports team. Although he was not a star athlete, he perservered and improved.

Naja and her grandmother, Beverly Davis, talk about her experience immigrating to this country, their family, and her childhood.

In this interview, conducted on December 5, 2018 Beverly Davis shares, with her granddaughter Naja, some experiences of overcoming challenges when she first came to this country when she was 27. For example, she describes how it was a lot...

Ford Talks to a Long Time Family Friend About his Life

In this interview, Ford Love talks to Marcus Cornelius about everything! Listen in to hear about topics ranging from funny family jokes, to advice for future generations.

Kezziah Ferguson interviews her dad for the Great Thanksgiving Listen.

Kezziah Ferguson (13) interviews Ryan Ferguson, her father, (47) on some aspects of his life. They talk about his occupations, childhood dreams, and his hobbies. Ryan Ferguson shares his veiws on being a pastor and how that relates to his...

Cooper Cruce talks with his dad about childhood memories and life lessons.

In this interview, Cooper Cruce asks his dad some questions about his life. With some answers about childhood in South Carolina followed up by job stories, this interview is concise but worth a listen. After talking about jobs, the two...

Jacob Viehe and Melissa Viehe

I interviewed my mom on what her favorite Christmas memories. I also interviewed her on her past. I asked her questions about her family. I also asked about her.

Once Upon a Time on a Rocky Beach

Daqiang Sun shares his experiences and hobbies living in a rural seaside village as a child, and discusses how seeing the drastic differences in the living conditions then and today taught him valuable lessons.

“I’m very proud. America is a great land of opportunities…Anyone who works hard, has dreams will succeed definitely.”

I talked with my dad about some of the things that sometimes I don't really ask about. I wanted to know more about his childhood in India and what it was like immigrating here. I also really wanted to know...

Andrew and his Nana talk about her childhood.

Andrew Erion interviews his nana to participate in the Great Thanksgiving Listen. They talk about JFK's assassination, growing up in the past, the rewards of hard work, and Grandpa's letter writing with his 4 girlfriends. But in the end, humans...

Owen talks to his grandma about the childhoods of her generation, her children’s generation, and her grandchildren’s generation.
December 6, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, Owen talks to his grandma, Nancy Ray, born in 1942, about what her childhood was like without technology. Then she talks about what it was like for her to experience the introduction of modern technology into her...

"What are you most proud of?" with Kyle O'Connell

An interview after Thanksgiving dinner with my Grandmother, Kyle O'Connell, who raised my dad and two uncles as a single mother, then became a Computer Engineering Practice Director. Features my screaming cousins and a mostly clipped out guest appearance from...

Garner speaks to Daniel about his childhood.

Garner Hart (14) interviews his father, Daniel Hart (41) about his childhood experiences. These experiences included family vacations and stories about his grandparents. The interview starts with school but then goes to summers. Afterward, the two talk about Daniel's parents...

Christian and his grandma talk about then and now

This interview was conducted December 4, 2018 in South Carolina. Luanne and I talk about how her school life was, how her childhood was and other things that are very different from now.