"I was a bit of a brat"

Dorothy (Dottie) Eichner, 89, talks to granddaughter Kyle Eichner about growing up in Geneseo, NY. This interview was recorded on Thanksgiving Day 2016 in Fredericksburg, VA, at the home of Dottie's daughter. Dottie discusses her home and growing up.

Dave Pandya and his father Hitesh Pandya discuss what it’s like to be in the military as a doctor

Dave Pandya and his father discuss when and why Hitesh Pandya(father) joined the army and stated his duty within the army. Hitesh states what he does and how he does his duties while serving.

The life of my mom

We explore the life of my mom, from childhood to present day and all that she’s done

The Wise Words of Doctor Stuerman

This interview is between my grandfather and I. He talks about his childhood experiences and his work as a doctor. He gives multiple good life lessons and his take on the world. He also adds comedy to his meaningful stories...

Rose Rezaee and her mom Soheila Mansourianpour talk about her childhood in Iran and immigration.

In this interview, conducted in December 2018 in Memphis, Tennessee, Rose Rezaee interviews her mother Soheila Mansourianpour about her upbringing in Iran and emigration. She explains the place and atmosphere of her childhood as well as her family’s influence. She...

Kadin Kristjansson and her mother, Lori Kristjansson, talk about family heritage and growing up.

This is an interview of Lori Kristjansson (50), conducted November 2016 in St. Louis, MO by her daughter, Kadin Kristjansson (14). From minutes 0-20, Mrs. Kristjansson shares details of her childhood spent all over the western United States and describes...

I Grew Up With My Grandparents

Shafeeah Alli interviews her mother Shavanna Alli. They talk about Shavanna's childhood in the years leading up to Shafeeah's birth.