Interview with my Mom

My mom talks about how her childhood was. Then talk about life going to school in here hometown and then college. Later she talk about moving to San Diego and starting a family and how she met her husband my...

History With Chip

In conclusion my father is very wise. He has taught me a lot of things about his past that I am grateful to know about. He has made me laugh and think about how I can change my life for...

Joanna Bjerum and Lyndia DeShazer

One Small Step partners, Joanna Bjerum (41) and Lyndia DeShazer (79) are natives Kansans that share their experiences in their careers, their family histories, and a love for their state.

Lisa Sims, Paige Spencer, and Grace Sims

Lisa Sims (63) and her daughters, Paige Spencer (35) and Grace Sims (25), sit down for a conversation about their fondest memories, career goals, and spiritual experiences, as well as the love they have for one another.

A mental health journey from Menninger and beyond

Rachel interviews her sister Isabelle who reflects on being institutionalized as a teen and subsequent mental health insights

Religion Project

We discussed who in my grandmothers life impacted her the most and how her job was a reflection of the way she lives her life.

Media & Technology Conversations With Lorrie

Hear a mental health professional’s view on technology and social media and how her perception has changed over the years.