Hayden And Phyllis talk about growing up and family roots

Hayden Interviews his Grandmother, Phyllis Barrett about the way that She grew up in Rexburg and Rigby Idaho. Phyllis also talks about her children and her Parents and Grandparents. The interview is interesting because you get to know someone else’s...

Father Daughter Talk❣️

Had a nice conversation with my dad on thanksgiving day Im really glad I got to stop and listen to what he had to say

Thanksgiving interview

This was a short interview to dig deeper into the life of my peer. I know her well but I wanted to get to know her on a deeper level with some slightly personal questions.

Interview with my mom

My mother and I spoke about her experiences as a mother and specifically raising me.

Interview with Mother.

I asked my mother about a couple opinions on this generation of kids, and what it was like raising me.

Noah Parness Interviewing His Zadie And Finding Out His Values And Identity Such As “Education”

Noah Parness interviews his grandfather, known as “Zadie”. Noah found out valuable information about His Zadie which made there connection stronger. Noah understood his Zadie’s identity, past, and a major part of his wishes for his grandchildren which was, “…education...

Interview with Mrs Rosenburg

Interview with Mrs Rosenburg, speaks about lifestyle and kids. Quite interesting story.