Lillian Rojas and Donna Price

[Recorded: Friday, September 2nd, 2022] Lillian (20) and Donna (68) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Lillian is a Third Year student at the University of Virginia studying public policy, leadership, and religious studies. Donna is the...

Karen Holmes

Transgender advocate Karen Holmes talks about growing up and her advocacy for transgender young women.

Interview with Linden – COMM 1111

Linden and I spent some time together exploring his childhood, personal thoughts on his own life, and what has shaped him as a person.

Kathleen Conneally and Whit Conneally

Kathleen Conneally (53) shares a conversation with her spouse, Whit Conneally (52), about when they first met, the importance of stepping into discomfort, and the personal shifts that are important to notice and claim.

Caleb Lawen and Scarlet Pardue

One Small Step partners Caleb Lawen (24) and Scarlet "Scar" Pardue (19) discuss their upbringings, Christianity, and LGBTQ+ issues.

Matthew Goff and Mary Ortuno

One Small Step conversation partners Matthew Goff (35) and Mary "Elizabeth" Ortuno (43) discuss the potential of Richmond, the difficulty of modern parenting, and the importance of traveling.

PRIDE In All Who Served: Reducing Healthcare Disparities for LGBT Veterans

"PRIDE In All Who Served" is a ten-week health education group designed to address the unique care needs of LGBT Veterans. Developed at the Hampton VA in 2016, the group provides a safe place to discuss identity and relevant healthcare...

Gender Transformation: A Tattoo On Your Life

Tune in as I interview Adam, a transgender person, about his life and his decision to undergo the gender transformation process.

Talking Trans

A brief yet riveting interview with a close friend discussing his experience living as a transgender man in Albuquerque, New Mexico!! (Ahem, please excuse the occasional meowing and barking in the background.)

Erin Mohr

Challenges of being transgender

Morgan at 28
October 16, 2022 App Interview

Jeff Arrigo talks with with his stepdaughter, Morgan, about life, mental illness, transitioning, and her childhood memories.

Johana Sanabria & Theo Sanabria: Being Latinx & a Transgender Man

Johana Sanabria (20) talks with Theo Sanabria (25) about how his childhood experiences, growing up as a Transgender man in a Latinx household affected his life and his mental health. Also discuss self-growth and how to help one self.

Karen & Daniel Bogard

Rabbi's, Karen and Daniel, discuss what it's like to raise a transgendered child in this politically charged atmosphere where the trans community is demonized. They recognize their circumstance is different than most because their child is growing up in a...

Aaron Doll and Ellen Wells

One Small Step conversation partners Ellen Wells (73) and Aaron Doll (51) talk about Aaron's transgender child, civil discourse, and the role of government.

Two Generations of Trans Students Meeting

Z. Gutierrez (He/Him/His), a junior at Westridge school, interviews his alumnus, Elliott Snow (They/Them/Their), to discuss their transition journey, experience at Westridge, and life as a trans adult.