Grandma’s Move to the US

I interviewed my grandmother about her move to the US when she was a little girl.

Oral history project

Sebastian shared his story about how he came to the United States. He also stalked about himself and his future goals and accomplishments.

Canadian childhood, American opportunity

This interview, conducted on November 26, 2017, talks about Nadia’s transition from her small town Canadian childhood to her successful career in America. From summer camps and student exchanges to realizing customer service isn’t all that great in America, this...

My mother and her experience moving to America

My mother immigrated to America from Japan 20 years ago, and has lived here ever since. In this interview, I ask about her experience as the first and only member of her family to move out of Japan, and about...

Alex Lange and Andrew Haggerty

Close friends, Alex Lange (27) and Andrew Haggerty (27) talks about their friendship over the years. They talk how they met, the value they see in their relationship, and what they hope for an upcoming transition into long distance friendship...

Shirley Lefever and Gordon Bassham

One Small Step partners Shirley Lefever (61) and Gordon Bassham (75) share a conversation about the most influential people in their lives, their values, their work, and their concerns and hopes for the future.

The life of Alicia

This is me Kenia, interviewing my aunt about her life in Mexico and childhood. There's many silence blocks but in the end I found about things I never knew about her life.

Brigid Murphy and Rhea Lieber

Rhea Lieber (18) and friend Brigid Murphy (18) talk about their big change coming up: graduation, their experiences at Hands of Peace and their thoughts on what the impact their camp dialogues will have on the "conflict" between Israel and...

Cole Johnson & Paul Cummings

Cole Johnson interviews Paul Cummings on his experience serving 20 years in the U.S. Navy and his transition to the private sector. Paul explains various IT related functions and how he would handle each situation.

Judy Hale Young and Jane Hale

Twins, Judy Hale Young [no age given] and Jane Hale [no age given], sit down for a conversation about Judy's experience in the U.S. Navy, Jane's experience stepping into her non-binary gender identity, their passions for music and literature, and...

The Transition

Me and Juan talked alot about Juan's transition from Dominican Republic to the United States.

Story Corps assignment Ms.Burke 3AB

I interviewed my mother on her childhood, dreams, and memories.

Interview with dad

Talked about dads life in China and how he eventually made his way over to America.

Learning more about my great aunt’s trip to America from Limerick

I got the chance to talk to my great aunt about her trip from her home to America! Interesting lessons she learned along the way that can be great advice for teens today

AP Lit Interview

The beginning of this interview was more generic, I wanted to have some questions to start with which happened to be provided by StoryCorps. My main focus, however, was to find out more about the transition from Mexico to the...

Interview with Ethan Baskes

Ethan baskes talks about his transition from Skidmore college to Ohio Wesleyan University and about his family.

Lisa Popowski Interview

Her life experience and how the move from Canada affected her

Dawn Ennis and Liam Ennis

Dawn Ennis (57) and her son, Liam Ennis (14), talk about family, their connection to the Jewish religion, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Taylor Reed Boes and Jordan Everything Stanton

Fiancées, Jordan Everything Stanton (30) and Taylor Reed Boes (31), sit down for a conversation about their relationship, their experiences coming out as trans women, and Jordan's loved ones who have passed away.

Morals behind the Memories

“The Germans shot my father, shot my sister, she was twelve years old.” On November 28, 2019 in Studio City, California, Andrew Yotnegparian sat down with his grandfather, Maurice Yotnegparian, to learn about the struggles he faced in his life...

Language and Culture Story

Talked about my mom's culture and language background and how it was like for her to come to a different country to live.

Rachel Kpete

Interviewing my housemate Rachel about her life in Nigeria and her transition to America.


We got a new cat 3 weeks ago who had never been let out of a cage for 5 1/2 years. This interveiw is basically about how she has gotten better. And how we are transitioning her to become better...