MCM Interviews

I interview my friend of over 20 years, Jessa Wapner. We talk mainly about her childhood memories and lessons. I unlock a memory I forgot I had.

Yager’s Story

Mr. Yager’s experience in the worlds of the military, business, and education have all shaped him into the person he is today. Though he faced traumatic events during his time in service, it taught him key values that have stuck...

Interview with Mother

I started off by asking basic questions then the conversation was about the day my mother got into a terrible crash as well as my brother’s disability.

Interview with Mom

In this interview, my mom and I talked about her life growing up, and she shared some of her favorite and hardest memories, and how those things changed her outlook on life. We also talked about her life as a...

My mothers story

My mother talked about her life and her childhood. After asking her personal questions about her past, she began to shed tears remembering what she lived through to give us everything. Towards the end of the interview, Both of my...

In This Together

From the worst times in my life to the happiest, here are some things to know about me and my life.

Ambassador Dr. Sharron J. Brown"How I found the power of my voice"

In this interview, conducted on June 15, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. LC Myles Jr. (73) interviews his wife Ambassador Dr. Sharron J. Brown (51) about her childhood in the city of Memphis and her journey though Human Trafficking. She...

Nanny 21 May 2019

My great aunt Nanny, adopted by my grandfather’s family during WWII, shares her thoughts and memories about that time and her life.

Gregory Parker and Regina McCarthy

Gregory Parker (35) interviews his mother, Regina McCarthy (71), about the influential people in her life, adversity, and her hopes for future generations of her family.

Sarah Gray & Jack Delaney, Blood Transfusion Recipient & Formerly Anonymous Blood Donor "Everyone deserves it."

Sarah Gray, age 47, (Washington DC) blood transfusion recipient, interviews Jack Delaney (61), one of the 10 anonymous strangers who donated 1 of the units of the blood she received during childbirth in 2010. "I'd like to make a new...

Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my mother’s life until this point. Also what the future looks like for her.

Interview 11/28/21

This interview was with my Nana the oldest of my family members. We talked about childhood memories and stories from her childhood.

Gary and Gail Bedford, Minersville, PA

Due to a glitch, interview begins halfway through the Kennedy assasination, and covers their experiences of that, the moon landing, and 9/11.

The transformational power of mentorship in college

Our conversation centered on my transformation from two-time college dropout plagued with depression and suicide ideation to college graduate in my mid-40s and eventually a Ph.D. from the Missouri School of Journalism. Dr. Ross’ encouragement and influence paved the way...

Sitting down with Papa

My father and I discussed his journey to this place and time in his life. As well as his thoughts about this country(United States) and how he has grown as a person.

Lea Zikmund and Lisa Coffey

Lisa Coffey [no age given] tells StoryCorps facilitator and conversation partner Lea Zikmund (23) her experience surviving Hurricane Betsy and how the lessons learned from that event relate to the COVID-19 crisis.

“From one country to another.”

The interview is me questioning my mom about things in her life as well as things about me.

Mother Dearest

Although me and my mom are pretty close and know one another well, I asked some more personal and intentional questions to know her a little better.

Story Corps Interview Project

My mom describes why she adopted me from China and the challenges I faced from being in an orphanage affecting my development as an infant.