In this interview I explore Breanna’s life and also her thoughts on a pressing global issue.

Interview Regarding Life Perspectives

In this interview, I was able to ask questions regarding certain life perspectives and see what different views a friend had that may or may not be similar to myself.

A Grandpa’s Tale

This is about my grandpa, his life, and his greatest lessons.

Shannon 5/20/19

In this interview, Erin interviews her mother about growing up in a religious family in Greeley and the time culture shock she experienced when she moved to Baltimore for college. Her mother shared stories about her travels to Mexico and...

Interview with my Grandmother
November 30, 2018 App Interview

Interview with my grandmother about how she moved around during her childhood. We also talked about how she loves to travel and the amazing places she has been.

Nel Steffens, Victoria Steffens, and Steven Steffens

Nel Steffens (70) talks with her husband, Steven Steffens (69), and their daughter, Victoria Steffens (32), about their experience of COVID-19 and their memories of family travels.

Cheryl Telford and Alicia Assini

Cheryl Telford (71) and her niece Alicia Assini (35) discuss their close relationship and bond.

Thanksgiving listen

My mother and father went on a backpacking trip when they were younger. It was a very impactful experience for them.

Uncle Bruce
September 22, 2019 App Interview

How a trip around the world finally gave my Uncle clarity

My Great Grandma Mary

Mary’s life was full of adventure from living on a ranch to being stationed over seas

Monica Muñoz goes to Milwaukee, WI.

I ask questions to my mom about her journey to Milwaukee from Mexico.

Life of a Chinese person #TheGreatListenFLHS
November 23, 2018 App Interview

The interview basically talked about my mom and how growing up was for her as a Chinese person coming to America and having below average English skills.

Interview with Duong Tran

This is an interview about my dad. It's about his life starting as a kid living on a farm in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. He would then move to Hong Kong. After that he went to thr Philiphines to...