Life’s a Trip Part 1

This part of the interview was mainly an introduction into Grandma’s life and her description of her working life.

My mom’s time in Russia

This is about the time my mom spent in Russia. This is also during the time while the Soviet Union was still around.

My grandfather tells me a little about his life

My grandfather has traveled a lot in his life and has done a great deal of work to get to where he is now and he lets us take a dive Into his life

Interviewing my grandma about her travels.

A quick story time about where my grandmother has been to.

Irreconcilable Differences – A New Beginning

I am interviewing my husband (soon to be ex-husband) Colin, discussing our time together, our impending divorce and the reasons for it, and what's next for Colin in his life. He speaks openly about his feelings, which is something he...

Papa’s memories of traveling in Germany

My dad started sharing some memories from a long ago trip to Germany

Ishaan Roy and his dad Santanu Roy about growing up in Assam

In this interview from December 2018, Ishaan Roy’s father, Santanu Roy, discusses his life in Eastern India as well as his early experiences with the US. He details the unique lifestyle of rural Assam, including what he liked to eat,...

Traveler: An Interview about Cross-Country Travels

An interview regarding cross-country adventures and the wisdom gained from them.

Interview with David Gross

An interview with my grandfather, David Gross, who was a dam geologist and grew up in Los Angeles.

Donna, Genealogy, and Traveling

Donna and I talked about Donna’s travel experiences and how it relates to a portion of her love for genealogy.

Part 2

Travel experience and coming to america

Noralba Barajas interview

I talked to my mother about my family and I. I also talked to her about herself a little bit.

Mike Mertes Interview

Interviewing my grandfather about his time traveling the world while working for Chrysler.

Thanksgiving Listen 2018

This interview was a conversation with my uncle on Thanksgiving 2018, recorded in Gray, Maine. We talked about his travelling and how that has impacted his worldview on history. We talked about his trip to Berlin and Western Europe during...