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”I've always been concerned about preserving natural resources.” An Interview with Matthew Rodell

Being a Hydrologist was never on Matthew Rodell’s radar, let alone working for NASA. But he always trusted the path ahead. Now as their Deputy Director of Earth Sciences for Hydrosphere, Biosphere, and Geophysics (HGB) at Goddard Space Flight Center,...

"Every day there's a wonderful discovery and I am so thrilled that we're doing these things." An Interview with John Mather

John Mather has an exciting year ahead of him- he's the senior scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope, the planned successor of the Hubble Space Telescope, which is scheduled to be launched this October. We talk to John about...

Aaron Fisher and Rachel Fisher

Aaron Fisher (45) speaks with his wife Rachel Fisher (45) reflecting on her experiences as a Marine Biologist researching sea turtles, as an educator working creatively around curriculums to foster scientific literacy, and as a participant in a COVID-19 Vaccine...

“Science isn’t finished until it’s communicated.” An Interview with Mark SubbaRao

As the Scientific Visualization lead for NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Mark SubbaRao oversees the translation of NASA science into images and movies. For Mark, science visualization is a key communication tool that allows the public to interact and explore...

"There's no other job I'd rather have ever." An Interview with Ed Weiler

Ed Weiler only answered to one person when he was the Associate Administrator for Science at NASA Headquarters- the President of the United States. And after decades long career in astronomy, working on everything from the Hubble Telescope to the...

“We went there to study sulfur and we ended up making this big nitrogen discovery.” An Interview with Barry Lefer

As a Program Manager for NASA Headquarters Earth Science Division, Barry Lefer helps fund important global research and field campaigns that are measuring air quality and greenhouse gases. And judging by these studies, Barry thinks the future is looking good!...

"Well, I think at the earliest stage, the most important thing is to try it out." An Interview with Craig Kundrot

Craig Kundrot had a hard time narrowing down what type of science he wanted to specialize in, but that ended up being a strength when he became the Division Director for Biological and Physical Sciences at NASA. We talked to...