My Brother, my Best Friend

This interview is between my brother and I. We talk about who who was to be, his nickname, and a favorite memory he has of me.

Twin Talk with Tori part 2 (the process of publishing her book)

Tori answers questions about the process she endured writing her book “Life in Holland”. Listen to hear more from published author, Tori and her twin brother with down syndrome, Dylan.

Joan McCue, Kari McCue, and Kelly Lefever

Joan McCue (82) tells her granddaughters Kelly Lefever (34) and Kari McCue (31) about her childhood and about her life as the mother of seven children.

Oral Comm Interview
December 7, 2023 App Interview

The person I interviewed is Greg Hyche, my twin brother that is also 21 years old. We live together in our apartment and he was willing to be interviewed. I asked him random topics (more on the reflecting and deep...

Olivia Coughran and her mother Traci Coughran talk about Traci’s life as a child and becoming a mother.

Traci Coughran shares her memories as a child, becoming a mother, and her wisdom on what is important in raising children. She talks about what she wishes she would have known and what she thinks about her life and children...

Grandma Mona, Minneapolis, MN – Xmas Eve 2019

Grandma Mona is the matriarch of the Johnson/ Sulzbach family. I just married into the family & don’t have any living grandparents so capturing those interview was so valuable to me.


This is an interview of Chad Crawford, my boyfriend who happens to be a twin. I ask him some questions about what life is like being a twin.

Interviewing my twin brother

We talked about racism, school, covid, loneliness, family, vacation, and our futures.

Interview With A Twin Sister- Erin and Maggie Salko

Maggie and Erin Salko talk about what it was like growing up as twins. They share their hopes for one another and their plans for the future.

Emily Nguyen and Jaeho Lee

[Recorded Tuesday, May 23, 2023] Emily (19) and Jaeho (19) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Emily is a student at UVA’s School of Nursing and is passionate about climate change, gun violence, education, and nursing as...

A Chat with My Mama

A short interview with my mama about childhood memories and mine and my twin sister’s weird childhood illnesses. Enjoy!

Susan Richard and Christopher Richard

Susan Richard (59) and her husband Chris Richard (58) share fond family memories, funny stories from childhood, and their first impressions of one another.

Twin with Spina Bifida by Kit Imundo with Tracy Marrero

Today I interviewed a family friend about her daughter Jessica, who has spina bifida.

Carter Sams and his twin Cohen Sams talk about growing up.

In this interview, conducted on November 2022 in McKinney, Texas, Carter Sams (16) interviews his twin brother Cohen Sams (16) about growing up in rural Louisiana. They also talk about Cohens connection with Enernest Hemmingway and how religion played a...


This is an interview of me interviewing my twins current phase in life has he transitions in between careers.

I interview my mom in the Great thanksgiving Listen Project about our childhoods

I interview my mother about her life and my early years. I learned that my dad never formally proposed to my mom and that he gave her a borrowed ring. I also realized how much my mom truly does for...

Watermelon memories

Reminiscing about grandpa Harman raising watermelon