The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My Grandmother talks about her childhood in Guyana, her work experience and accomplishments in both Canada and the U.S. and her beliefs.

Thanksgiving Listen with Nixon

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my cousin Nixon. Interviewed him at our little family reunion for thanksgiving.

My Talk with Daisy

Daisy and I talked about her childhood, teenage years, and adult life. And a bit about myself.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

What we talked about was really some things that I wanted to know more about my mother. I have to say, it was a very interesting interview.

Great Thanksgiving Listen with Marco Aguilar

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my brother Marco on Sunday, December 1st, 2019

The thanksgiving listen with my mom

I decided to interview my mom for The thanksgiving listen. However, most of it is in spanish and we do have some minor interruptions. Overall, we did have a good time.

Mommy and Me

My mom and I talk about where she grew up and her life here in Los Angeles after immigrating from Mexico.


We discussed about important people from two different perspectives. We also talked about school choices.

Interview with Relative

This interview was with my mother. We both had a long talk with each other. She has shared very important and interesting things with me.

Me and my step father

I’m sorry if I sounded like I wanted to cry half of the time but because I kinda did

Mod 7 Assignment

This interview was about my mom explaining her memories in the United states. Also her memories and advice on my future and my own kids

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

A sit down with my uncle. We y’all about important topics and just how strong he believes our family is.

Thanksgiving Listening

Getting to know a person that I thought already knew was very enlightening. Had some questions I would never think to ask and I found out some things I never knew.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Interview about education, childhood and hobbies.

Norma and Randi

Listen to me ask my grandmother questions about her life .

Thanksgiving Interview

In this interview Paul and I discussed his life from childhood to where he has come now.

Grandpa and I Interviewed

Me and my grandpa discussed good memories during this interview. I knew so much learning from his childhood that I didn’t know.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My interview was with my sister-in-law such a nervous activity but I was able to complete what was expected


During my interview with my mother we were able to talk about how my mother grew up and the things that she has been through. We were able to talk about how she created her family and her proudest moments.