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Interview with Relative

This interview was with my mother. We both had a long talk with each other. She has shared very important and interesting things with me.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

A sit down with my uncle. We y’all about important topics and just how strong he believes our family is.

Mod 7 Assignment

This interview was about my mom explaining her memories in the United states. Also her memories and advice on my future and my own kids

Mommy and Me

My mom and I talk about where she grew up and her life here in Los Angeles after immigrating from Mexico.

Thanksgiving Listen with Nixon

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my cousin Nixon. Interviewed him at our little family reunion for thanksgiving.

Great Thanksgiving Listen with Marco Aguilar

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my brother Marco on Sunday, December 1st, 2019

Interview with my brother

This interview is on my brother. We talked about about his childhood, the lessons he wished he could’ve gave to his younger and the career he’s passionate about.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my mom about some questions I had for her. (In Spanish)

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My interview was with my sister-in-law such a nervous activity but I was able to complete what was expected

My Mother’s and I Interview

I ask my mother a few questions about her life with my two little sisters.