Hawwa Youngmark and Carolyn Young

One Small Step conversation partners Carolyn Young [no age given] and Hawwa Youngmark [no age given] discuss navigating their different identities, dealing with tragedy, their faith, and their shared love of comic books.

Denise Hartsough and Peter Strazdas

One Small Step partners Denise Hartsough (64) and Peter Strazadas (64) talk about their backgrounds, values, experiences with race, and their perspectives on the role of government.

George Dow and Mahdee Abdullah

One Small Step partners George Dow (66) and Mahdee Abdullah (56) discuss their families, their faith, and their hopes for their children and grandchildren.

Interview with John Schuiteman storycorps summer 2018

Interview with John Schuiteman storycorp summer 2018 state your name: and what part of the country did you grow up: what is your heritage, ethnicity & culture? do you have a belief system and how do you relate? do you...

Interview with Fran Mills Syptak about her life and her activism. Fran was born in 1929, lived in Jordan and Germany, and is an activist.

Here is a biography of Fran, based on the interview. Interviewer comment: "I am always struck by how important people are to Fran. I think that life is all about the people she's known in her 90 years on Earth."...

Clara O'Daniel and Hannah Livingstone

One Small Step conversation partners Clara O'Daniel (62) and Hannah Livingstone (21) talk about their experience with homeschool, passions for history, the importance of forgiveness, and the complexities in library censorship.

Robin [no name given] and Bob Friedman

Robin [no name given] (73) speaks with her friend Bob Friedman (72) about the people who were the kindest to them, their dislike for politics, lying and unfairness, and the current political climate.

Bob Alpern talks about his work with the Unitarian Universalists in Washington, DC on issues including the nuclear freeze movement.

John Friedrich (56) talks with his friend Bob Alpern (92) about being hired by the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations in 1975 in Washington, DC, following six years of working with SANE to oppose nuclear weapons and the Vietnam War.There,...

Peter and Leo Fontneau 1946-1964

Leo Fontneau talks with his grandpa, Peter Fontneau, about his childhood growing up in Winchester Mass. and memories of the life of his father and grandmother. Other topics include, the US Coast Guard and the Cold War.