John Boles: Lieutenant Colonel, US Air-Force

Malcolm Raupp interviews John Boles, who was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Vietnam War. John is Malcolm’s step-grandfather. John talks about missions he performed while in the Air-Force such has, rescue missions, dropping bombs and napalm, and many other tasks....

My Interview with my Brother the PJ/Combat Rescue Officer.

Before his retirement from his epic career as an USAF pararescueman and combat rescue officer, sister, Kristen Nelson, does an oral history of his experiences and lessons learned. From Iraq, the Horn of Africa to Afghanistan.

Seanwong Brown and Ahmed Flex Omar

Seanwong J. Brown (47) is interviewed by his friend Ahmed "Flex" Omar (39) about his experiences growing up in a biracial family, his early interest in the Air Force, life in Europe, working in finance and the hospitality industry.

Charita Harmon and Herman Boyd

Charita Harmon (66) interviews her uncle Herman Boyd (82) about his service in this military, his experience as an African American man in the military, and what advice he would share with younger members in his family who are considering...

Darlene Castaneda and Diane Kirkland

One Small Step conversation partners Darlene Castaneda (59) and Diane Kirkland (48) talk about their upbringings, the role of social media, life in Bakersfield, and increasing division in the US.

George Dollenger telling his daughter about his life in the United States Air Force.

In Belt Montana on December 1st 2019 this interview took place. Sarah Dollenger interviews her father, George, about his life in the service and what it was like. To conclude, George also talks about his recommendation to teens and young...

Michael Martini and Steve Bomgardner

One Small Step partners Michael "Mike" Martini (52) and Steve Bomgardner (61) talk about their upbringing, their relationship to religion, and their military service. They express concerns over the current climate of the United States and discuss term limits and...

Michaela Shafer and Patricia Davis

Michaela Shafer (68) interviews her friend Patricia "Pat" Davis (65) about her service in the Air Force, how she balanced her military service with her family life, and her transition to civilian life.

Tawana Anderson and Robert Anderson

Robert L. Anderson (79) talks about his banking career and his experience as the first Black executive at the Columbus Bank and Trust with his daughter, Tawana Anderson (50).

Kathleen Hagan and Larry Hagan

Larry Hagan (89) shares stories with his daughter Kathleen Hagan (59) about his long career as an Air Traffic Controller.

Scott Mulcahy and Cole Mulcahy

Cole Mulcahy (19) interviews his father, Scott Mulcahy (54), about his time in the Air Force, his deployments to Iraq, and his service in the Army.

Gary Shafer and Michaela Shafer

Michaela Shafer (68) interviews her husband Gary Shafer [no age given] about his time in the Air Force, what is was like serving during Hurricane Katrina, and what he would like his children to know about his time in the...