Cullen class Interview Ty Morris

In this interview I asked my father to describe his military upbringing and how it affected him.

Veronica Sopher and Dennis Garcia

Veronica Sopher (45) and her dad Dennis Garcia [no age given] talk about his experience as a Mexican American growing up on the Highplains and in Kansas.

Interpersonal Interview – Kaylie Aguila

This was an interpersonal interview between the host (Kaylie Aguila, 20) and her boyfriend (David Lee, 21). Some topics that were of interest was family, and upbringing.

Interview w Aunt

I got to interview my aunt all about her life in Venezuela and the United States. Additionally, she gave me some good advice.

STORYCORPS interview with my Aunt Julie Reiels.

I interviewed my aunt on her upbringing, adult life, current life, and hopes for the future. I did this to get a full understanding of who she is in order to grow our relationship with one another.

Eve Tovino and John M. Flaherty

Friends and former coworkers Eve Tovino (47) and Mike Flaherty (55) share a conversation about their work with the Shared Table Food Pantry, their upbringings, and the difficulties people face in the United States.

A Conversation With My Dad About My Sister and I

Fitz Dettmer (18) has a personal talk with his dad, Matthew Dettmer (50) about raising him and his sister Graelyn (22), both of whom are queer and neurodivergent. Discussions of when differences were noticed, why, the different atmospheres they were...

Chatting with my oldest brother Nick about the steps in the life of an educator and a brother.

I talk with my oldest brother, Nick about his upbringing and influences on him to pursue a career as a first grade teacher. We talk about the role of a teacher, and the advice he would give to others doing...

Amanda [No Name Given] and Jax Ward

One Small Step Partners Amanda [No Name Given] (49) and Jax Ward (51) talk about their upbringings, how their personal and professional experiences have shaped their world-views, and how to celebrate diversity in the city of Fresno, California.

“This was like a soul to soul conversation”

This was an interview between my mom and I. We spoke about general life lessons and about the life we have led and would like to lead. We also touched upon the impacts of her upbringing and of mine.


About upbringing, struggles, dreams, and future generations.

Growing Up in the Sun City

My dad, Jimmy Schwartz, and I, Anna Schwartz, talk about his upbringing in the border town of El Paso, Texas, his rich family history, unusual upbringing, and favorite memories of his childhood in the Sun City.

Cindy Minter and Vance Spinks

One Small Step partners Cindy Minter (58) and Vance Spinks (62) discuss their political beliefs, Cindy's work as a librarian, and their upbringings.

The Adopted Cardiac Electrophysiologist

Glenn is a 37 year old cardiac Electrophysiologist who was adopted from Colombia at just a few months old. This interview dives into how his upbringing, the parenting style of his mother and father, and his innate interests and intellect...

Interview with my dad about his life
November 28, 2022 App Interview

I ask questions about my father and his life. My fathers name is Brian Lee and he is 42 years old. He was born in Busan South Korea. I learned about his upbringing, challenges and learned lessons he experienced.

Graeme Manning and Stewart Manning

Father and son Graeme Manning (63) and Stewart Manning (24) share a conversation about their family, their relationship, and their upbringings. The two also share stories from each of their childhoods and reflect on the opportunities they have had, particularly...