Veteran Interview Project

Derek Mcgee (44) talks with Ruthy Flint (15) and Eliza Smith (16) about his time in serving in the infantry in the marine corps for th the Iraq war.

The Mysterious White-haired Man

Young Aaron interviews her Grandfather on the night before he leaves to go home in California. The two share some laughs over his children and Aaron's father. They get a bit emotional over his time in the military and the...

Tell me about life in the Vietnam War

For "The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019" Marissa Paul, a junior at Egg Harbor Township High School in New Jersey will be interviewing her grandfather Steven Paul. In this interview Steven reflects on childhood memories and his time served in the...

Life Story interview with Pastor Darrell Delaney and the writer of his Life Story, Eli Bult.

A writing contest was held for the 5th grade class at West Side Christian Elementary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Out of 35 students, Eli won the contest and received $500 towards his elementary tuition by the contest sponsor, Heritage Life...

My Taiwanese Air Force Veteran Grandpa

In this interview, I talked with my grandpa who was a Lieutenant General in the Taiwanese Air Force. We talked about the book that was written about his and others' experiences, 鐵翼雄鷹:大溪計畫口述歷央, his many awards, and about a time when...

A Veteran’s Transition & Life After – (USA v. Joaquin C.)

Take a moment to listen to Mr. Joaquin Cuenca, a Veteran recounting his transition experience of having to face the United States of America in a Federal Court of Law while retiring from military service and the surprising direction in...


My name is Bode Janusiewicz, I am 17 years old and go to Nicolet High School. My interviewee is my father, Chris Janusiewicz who is 53 years old. Our topic of discussion was my dad’s involvement in the Afghanistan And...

Vietnam Interview.

Mr. Balazsy speaking of his experience in Vietnam.

"I got to meet a family member who I had never met before who lived behind the Iron Curtain."

Leroy Duvall recounts his service in Europe and how it brought his family together.

A veteran's tale: before, during, and after war

A discussion of war, politics, and society, all through a veteran's eyes.

Interview of Vietnam Veteran James Vanderwood

In this interview James tell us of his experiences from the time he was drafted into the war and throughout, he also talks of the things he had to do to survive a literal war zone and even people's reactions...

PTSD and Me: How Poetry saved me from Suicide

Erika Land and Aissatou Sidime-Blanton discuss that PTSD the Erika suffered as part of her U.S. military service as a pharmacy technician and how poetry, and producing her one-woman play (“PTSD and Me/At ease. Not today PTSD.”), has helped her...

Overcoming Adversity (TMC: Platoon Leadership Summit 2017)
September 26, 2017 App Interview

Marcus Meyer, Army Veteran, sharing his personal account of over coming adversity from childhood, military service, and on to civilian life with Veteran lead organizations that were instrumental in saving his life and opening his heart to the service of...

Some Heroes Wear Capes, Others Wear Fatigues

Most people can't imagine enduring the hardships of war, especially at the age of 18. On November 28, 2017, 14 year-old Olivia Reiner interviewed her great-grandfather, Richard Crum, about his experience in the US Marine Corps during World War II....

What Civilians Don’t Understand
February 21, 2019 App Interview

Army Veteran J Tickles talks about her experience in the Iraq War & what Hollywood adaptations, as well as, journalism gets wrong.

Life of Mike
November 8, 2017 App Interview

A man named Mike's life story.