Charles Vigeant and Amy Canfield

Charles "Paul" Vigeant (94) is interviewed by his daughter, Amy Canfield (62), about his service in the Navy and Army, enlisting at 16 years old in 1944.

Conversation with Jean Wu, United States Navy Veteran

I had a conversation with Ms. Wu who served from 1994 to 2006 in the United States Navy. We discussed her initial experiences and what inspired her to join the Navy after high school. We discussed career opportunities and the...

James Thrasher and David Thrasher

James "Jim" Thrasher (53) interviews his father, David Thrasher (80), about his time in the Navy, what it was like transitioning back to civilian life, and the unique camaraderie shared between veterans.

What is the Navy like Joey?

I discussed how life is in the Navy for Joey Springer (21) and what made him join.

Garland Gloor shares his life story and discusses his time serving in the Navy during Vietnam.

Brylie Nedd (20) talks with her grandpa, Garland Gloor (76) about his life story and his time serving in the Navy during the Vietnam war.

The Life of The Berning

Kashton White, a 16 year old from Illinois, interviews Matt Berning, a 53 year old who is his mom’s boyfriend, about his life experiences and his time in the Navy.

An Interview about my grandfather’s life, and his experience in the military.

Crossroads TX, November 26th, 2017. Interviewer:Kamerine Nickols Interviewee: James Richardson. James Richardson shares his personal stories about his life experiences including; working in the oil feild and being drafted in the army.

Mac Sims, Laura Davis, and Brian Sims

Mac Sims (87) is interviewed by his daughter Laura Davis (50) and Brian Sims (49) about growing up in Chicago, living in Michigan, his service in the Navy, and other memories from the past.

Todd Gulley and Tom Lusitana

Todd Gulley talks with Tom Lusitana about his family, his time in the military and about his ethnicity.

Honor Flight Connecticut May 2023 – Honoring Connecticut's Veterans from World War II, Korea and Vietnam

I followed military veterans from Connecticut on their Honor Flight to the capitol and followed them as they visited the war memorials and reminisced about those conflicts, their involvement in them and their lost friends

Grace Cangialosi and Susan Oliveri

[Recorded Tuesday, February 1, 2022] Grace (78) and Susan (75) recorded a One Small Step conversation together in Charlottesville, Virginia. They discussed activism, military families, and the influence of their religious and spiritual beliefs on their politics.

Carley Gazic-Gibler and Jackie Gibler

Jackie Gibler (70) and Carley Gazic-Gibler (41) remember Jackie’s late husband and Carley’s father Michael Anthony Gibler, taking care of animals and motherhood. They also discuss their hopes and dreams for the future and their children.

Roger Eagan and Courtney Gilbert

Roger Eagan (72) shares personal insights and stories about his life with his conversation partner and StoryCorps Facilitator, Courtney Gilbert (29).

Rita Marie Concannon Veteran Interview on Lou Federici

Interview with Veteran Lou Federici on his military experience in the United States Navy.

Leighanne Martin Wright and father Al Martin

Leighanne Martin Wright: 2023-06-06 14:37:39 Leighanne, 65, and her father Al, 95 talk about his memories of his father during WWII and his own experiences as a sailor in the Antarctic. Al also touched on his time aboard an icebreaker...

interviewing my Granddaddy

I interviewed my fathers father, Eric Vanderpoel II. We talked about his life, childhood, and memories.