My Favorite Family Vacation

For my FYS project I decided to let my mother pick a topic no hve her ask me a couple questions surrounding her choice of topic. It turned out she chose my favorite vacation and we laughed about the most...

Mom’s Favorite Trip

I talked with my mom about her favorite trip. Her favorite trip was a trip to Hawaii about 5 years ago.

A thanksgiving interview

This thanksgiving I got the opportunity to talk with my grandma about things I wouldn’t have ever known if it weren’t for this app

Mark Capell Interviews Grandmother, Sheila Silverstein

Sheila Silverstein is interviewed by Mark Capell(14) and talks about how her past has affected her actions and current lifestyle. While going through many experiences she has had, she says how so much of her life has meant so much...

Bob Jones vacation to England

Bob took a vacation to London in the early 80s. He recounts the details of that trip.

Megan Rossey interviewing her grandpa Bill Rossey

Megan Rossey interviews her grandpa bills rossey. They talk about family and growing up.

An interview with my Grandad 2018 West Geauge

We talked about different things that had happened in his life. And things I always wanted to know.

Jackson DeBuck talks with his grandmother, Ruth DeBuck, about her childhood and family.

Ruth DeBuck describes her childhood and early adult life, describing scenes of growing up in the south, enlightening vacations to south america, family vacations, and her educayion. She then describes each of her siblings and their proffesions, and some memories...

Random conversations with best friend

2 years of friendship and we are talking about jellyfish... that sounds like a great friendship to me!

Luke Osterkamp and his mom, Ashley Osterkamp, talk about life stories.

In this interview, Luke Osterkamp interviews his mom, Ashley Osterkamp, on her life. The interview was conducted on November 25, 2018 in their home in Manhattan Beach, California. Ashley shares stories about her life and what she has learned throughout...

Trip to LA

My sister recaps her favorite memories from visiting Los Angelos this weekend

Andrew and Taylor

We talked about his childhood, his vacation, his worst moment, and his ancestors.

Norman Walker and Jeffrey Walker

Jeffrey Walker (54) interviews his father, Norman Walker (89), about his career in the U.S. Navy and the University of Idaho Extension, as well as about the advice that he'd like to pass on to future generations of their family.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Sima and his grandma, Irene, talk about Irene’s life the morning after a long day of hosting a 50 person Thanksgiving Day party

Brotherly Love

Lucy Miller (16) talks with her grandfather, Bill Bloodgood (80) about his childhood. He remembers a specific vacation in Bass Lake up in the Sierras, they were staying in an old log cabin with bats in it. His parents asked...