Lusharon Wiley and Jason Nicholson

Friends and colleagues Dr. Lusharon Wiley (69) and Jason Nicholson (48) share a conversation about Jason’s philosophy of life, the obstacles he has faced, and the lessons he has learned.

Adaeze Nwankwo and Lori Motola

Adaeze talked about the ripple effect of shining your light so that others can find and shine their own, how knowing where you came from is vital in order to understand who you are and how she helps young girls...

Liz Gamboa and Jake Foreman

Coworkers Liz Gamboa (61) and Jake Foreman (35) reflect on their experiences working in finance with New Mexico Community Capital.

Olivia Figley and James Figley

Olivia Figley (18) shares a conversation with her grandfather, James "Patrick" Figley (83), about their family, Patrick’s faith, how he became a minister, and the values that he practices in life.

Learning About My Father – George Sabeh

My father tells me about how working hard and being flexible to different cultures and lifestyles is valuable in life, how he wants me to find happiness and be happy, and recounts his experiences. Immigrating from Venezuela to Syria to...

The importance of getting to know your valves and why you cherish them

In the interview motivation, and fimly circumstances were stated about how the different events in your life formed your morals and who you are today

An Interview With My Argentine Grandmother

Estela Fernandez, born on December 6th of 1940, is the daughter of European refugees who came to Buenos Aires, Argentina during World War 1. She talks about her fondest memories, such as hanging out with her families on the weekends,...

Lindsey Beacham, age 37 and Wanda Quinn, age 70
December 3, 2022 App Interview

Lindsey Beacham, age 37, and Wanda Quinn, age 70, talk about where they grew up and how that shaped who they are. They shared their values, their community, and what they want their legacy to be.

What Has Changed?

A story about the life of my grandma, and what has changed through her life.

Thanksgiving Interview with grandma

This interview talks about Sally Drake's life and her story through a series of questions asked by her granddaughter.

StoryCorps Interview with Dr. Alfred Savage

Fred tells me of his life experiences and of how he became the creative genius exemplified today.

The Older Generations

We began by talking about our families immigration story and moved into how the older generations of our family influenced my father’s life.

Brian Mitchell and John Knorr

One Small Step partners Brian Mitchell (73) and John Knorr (60) have a conversation where they cover a range of topics from their ties to the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention to their shared view that the polarized nature of...

Stephen Skeels and Sam Usem

One Small Step conversation partners Stephen Skeels (52) and Sam Usem (36) talk about the effect of the pandemic on their lives, in particular their experiences related to owning and starting businesses. They also discuss their politics, Sam being a...

Mysteries of Life

Questions about life, values, and decisions with a Sister of Mercy.

Connie Bookman and Darcy Reeves

Connie Bookman (63) and her son Darcy Reeves (37) share a conversation about their family, their public service work, and their motivations for doing the work they do.

Tamara Moore and Andrea Hulman-Watsjold

One Small Step conversation partners Tamara Moore (46) and Andrea Hulman-Watsjold (31) discuss their careers, political values, and what the biggest issues in Alaska are.

Interview with my mom

Eric Hoang (17) talks with his mom, Trinh Hoang (47) about her childhood and life in America. They discuss about her values and what she enjoyed as a kid and how she gives back to her Vietnamese community despite being...

American Values

About how we establish our values and thoughts on the confederate flag.

Gretchen Miller, Beth Crone, and Don Miller

Spouses, Don Miller (64) and Gretchen Miller (59), with Don's sister Beth Crone (59) remember Judith Ann Miller. They talk about her ability to make everyone feel loved and special, and share the legacy she has left behind.

A Father’s Legacy

My father and I discuss his past as well as the characteristics that has made him successful as well as what he would like to impart to me.

Stephen Astoria and Kelley Marlin

One Small Step partners Stephen "Steve" Astoria (71) and Kelley Marlin (55) share a conversation about their work, their families, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the most influential people in their lives. They also talk about how their personal values have...