Two veterans speak (Armistad): One Voice and One Story At A Time

Angela Sanders is a veteran dedicated to sharing the experiences of fellow veterans. This is an interview with Everett Armistad a U.S. Army Veteran.

Dad – Maj. Donald R. Bennett

Maj. Donald R. Bennett tells the story of his service in Korea and the Chosin Reservoir.

Interview with Ray Butti.

I have a sit down with my neighbor and a war vet, Ray Butti.

Grandpa on Vietnam

Over Thanksgiving break, I interviewed my grandpa about his experiences serving in Vietnam.

"We Were Reunited"

Melina Plummer (16, Grandaughter) and Maureen McCarthy (58, Grandmother) Discuss a multitude of topics. Being a single mother and being the first generation of Women to work full time is tough. Maureen has lived through a lot and has a...

Faron Osborne an army veteran.

I interviewed Faron Osborne my father, who is a U.S army veteran.

Jack Hooker, Korean War veteran, talks about his experiences during the war (part 2 of 2)

In this interview, conducted on the Mountain View Ranch outside of Ovando, MT, in November 2019, Karen Hooker interviews Jack Hooker about his Korean War experiences. He tells stories about arriving in Vietnam and the boat trip to Korea, his...

Nikolaus Guran and Chapin Montague

Chapin Montague (24) asks her conversation partner, Nikolaus "Nik" Guran (49), about his experiences and deployments in the military and his journey to seeking help and encouraging others to seek help for PTSD.

Mildred Cox and Cassandra Gordon

Mildred Cox (97) spoke with Cassandra Gordon (17) about her life in the service

My grandpa

My grandfather and I got to speak on his time in the service, his family, and his career has a DSP/CNA.

Miles Abernethy with LTCDR Ronald Young, USN Retired

This was the first interview for Vets & Cadets: A Veterans Interview Project. Miles Abernethy talks about supply, service, and jobs

#VeteransVoices: Serving On The High Seas

We talked about what it was like to serve in the Navy during the 80s on a daily basis and what was hard/good about it

W Guy Ferris and Enzo Vallée

W Guy Ferris (76) speaks with Enzo Vallée (17) about his service in the Air Force

Jay Bakken Interview

My dad served in the military for 20 years, and in this interview we talked about a couple experiences he had during his Air Force career.

Dionisio Cucuta and Stephanie Taylor/Cucuta

Dionisio "Dion" Cucuta (62) and his wife Stephanie Taylor-Cucuta [no age given] talk about serving the community through their organizations Disabled Combat Veterans Youth Programs and Table to Table. They discuss youth mentorship, the transformative power of the culinary arts,...

“Basic training turned me into a man a lot quicker” – Dan Greene

I, Harris Coffin did this interview with Dan Greene, my grandfather, in Athens, GA on December 29, 2019. I interviewed him about his life as a veteran. He was drafted when he was 19 years old, in college and he...

Robert Carey, Matthew Aaron, Charles Gile, and Patrick Heye

Former Navy pilots Robert "Bob" Carey (61), Matthew "Matt" Aaron (56), Charles "Craig" Gile (59), and Patrick "Pat" Heye [no age given] remember their time together at war as they celebrate the retirement of someone who they served with.

Bob Pearson and Carlos Rodriguez

[Recorded: Friday, November 19th, 2021] Bob Pearson (70) and Carlos Rodriguez (20) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Bob is an Air Force veteran and Carlos is a second-year student at UVA. Bob grew up in a...