Joshua Del Conte and Maile Singson

Colleagues Joshua Del Conte (38) and Maile Singson (70) discuss Josh's work supporting United States military veterans and his personal journey reintegrating into civilian life.

Darren Lee and Cynthia Lee

Husband and wife, Darren Lee (59) and Cynthia "Cindy" Lee (64), discuss how they met, got married, and raised a family all while serving in the military.

Cummins Mahoe III and Karen Mahoe

Cummins Kameeiamoku Mahoe III (72) speaks with his wife, Karen Monika Mahoe (53), about growing up in Hawaii, serving in the US Army, and honoring the life of his cousin. He speaks about the many changes the islands of Hawaii...

Joseph Howe, Cameron Kuo, , , and
January 19, 2017 App Interview

Joseph Howe, a Vietnam War veteran, explains the every day challenges faced by veterans once they come home. For him, health issues resulting form Agent Orange exposure continue to affect him to this day. He also talks about the hypervigilence...

Ann Owen and Rick Owen

Rick Owen (62) and his wife Ann Owen (59) share a conversation about Rick's journey with mental illness, his work as a psychiatrist, and his advocacy for better mental health care.

Allen Hoe and Ed Case

U.S. Congressman Ed Case (69) speaks with his friend and constituent Allen Hoe (75) about Allen's experiences as a United States military veteran, his late son Nainoa, and his perspective on how veteran resources have evolved over time.

Pete Doktor and Stephen Doktor

Pete Shimazaki Doktor (53) speaks to his brother Stephen Doktor [no age given] about his decision to enlist in the military. Pete reflects on the misinformation that led to him enlisting right after high school and explains how his military...

River Hagg and Hazel Diaz

River Hagg (47) shares his story with new friend Hazel Diaz (36). They discuss River's time in the Navy, his documentary work, his time in Syria, the origins of his name, and what it's like to return to civilian life.

Paul Moses and Maureen Moses

Husband and wife, Paul Moses (69) and Maureen Moses (69), reflect on their life together. They discuss how they first met, Maureen's work as a nurse, and the challenges and triumphs they experienced in having children.

Dwight Bunn and Carla Orellana

Dwight Bunn (77) speaks to his wife, Carla Orellana [no age given], about his experience in the Army and the challenges he has faced since the end of his service. Dwight says he developed restrictive lung disease from exposure to...