What else can I say…he’s my dad!

My dads a retired veterinarian who grew up as a first generation to go to college and a kid of parents who were illiterate. His journey to where he is now is a big inspiration for me.

Donald Hastings veterinarian part 2

Donald Hastings’s 88 year old retired Veterinarian,favorite stories and vaccination inventions

James Miele – Being a Veterinarian

Dad talking about his life journey as a veterinarian.

Wesley Leftwich and Conner Leftwich: Tour In Vietnam

Wesley Leftwich (82) talks with his grandson, Conner Leftwich (14) about his tour overseas in Vietnam.

Nora Sutz and Rachel Sutz Pienta

Dr. Rachel Sutz Pienta (49) sits down with her mother, Nora Sutz (71), to discuss their family history, to reminisce about their favorite family memories, and to remember family members who have passed away.

Julaine Hunter and Rhonda Jones

One Small Step participants Julaine Hunter (49) and Rhonda Jones (52) talk about the ways their childhoods shaped their politics, how COVID has affected them, and the recent loss of Julaine's daughter.

Eric Clough and Jane Clough

Eric Clough (82) talks to his wife Jane Clough [no age given] about his service in the U.S. Navy. They reflect on the impact of Eric's military service on him, his transition to civilian life, and their messages of love...

Cindy Haslem (79) talks about what it was like growing up as a young girl in the 1960’s with her granddaughter, Erin.

Cynthia Haslem (79) talks about her childhood experiences growing up in a strict household in the 50’s and 60’s. Cindy lived in Dearborn Michigan her whole life, having dreams of becoming a veterinarian, but her elders would not allow her...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen by Jessica Saoulidis and Madeline Saoulidis on childhoods and family traditions.

In this interview, Jessica Saoulidis (15) interviews her mother Madeline Saoulidis (43) about her childhood and some family traditions that take place in the family. This interview includes information about what school was like and also what jobs were held.

Daniel Rose interviewing his Dad about veterinary school.

Daniel Rose 13 years old interviewing his dad Jeff Rose 63 years old. Jeff talked about what it was like going to school in Italy.