Review on 1 Minute Video Assignment

This is an interview conducted in Utar, Sungai Long, Kajang, with Mr Joe. He has given his opinions and suggestions on my 1 minute video. Link to the video:[0]=68.ARDDr5DXFZ6GNzyWOrCA5-kQPAEW5iYPQrYf4iRdEHqx4E8sTxL3KltxE2pVqXvhPd7DNYa12PUjU0TqS3myNlZT4dFzRY8na_G5ePMwyg76fZNsYI9MhS8QTcUfvFMfto8eeNg&__tn__=FC-R&fb_dtsg_ag=Adwfx34Z9A8kgQ_YH41mXS67BXcNpMDOwe8OmhQSttf_Gg%3AAdx8nPeFyh0boJdw0_Uw9KFELqWaUWBINi44Mtfnnbc6rA

A conversation with Mr. Danny about the review of my individual video assignment

Mr. Danny who is my friend was interviewed to give some feedback after watching my individual video assignment, “Aku Cafe & Gallery”.

A discussion about my 1-minute individual video assignment

Ms Xin Yi and Mr Jian Liang who are my coursemates were invited as my interviewees and we were discussing about my individual video assignment, “Aku Cafe & Gallery in Petaling Street”. They gave me a lot of comments with...

Discussion on video assignment

I had an interview with three of my coursemates who are Wai Jie, Jing Xuan and Huey Sin to discuss about my video assignment.