Do video games cause childhood violence?

I brought my mother on to talk about video games and violence and micro transactions.

Jon Sousa and Peter Young

One Small Step conversation partners Jon Sousa (30) and Peter Young (52) talk about politics and their love of Dungeons & Dragons.

My cousin recounts his childhood growing up in the 80s!

My cousin, Alex Larin (38), and I (Anna Parada, 18) discuss how it was for him growing up and how he interacted with electronic media.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019

Josephine Cole (15) interviews her computer scientist father (Billy Cole, 50) on growing up in West Virginia, the events of September 11, 2001, religion and family. While he plays video games in the background, and her sister yells advise.

Do You Think Playing Violent Video Games Makes People More Violent in Real Life?

I spoke with my friend Nigel Andrews briefly on whether or not today’s video games are promoting violence

Preston and Efrain’s E3 adventure

Preston and Efrain reflect on the impact of video games in their lives and the spontaneity of E3

Video Games & Community

In this interview, we talked about the importance of video games.

Thanksgiving & more

In this interview, I and my friend talk about Thanksgiving, video games, and what our life was like before we started going to college.

Do Video Games Encourage Child Violence?

This interview was on my girlfriend Grace’s opinion on violent video games and the effect on children.

Video game violence
September 17, 2018 App Interview

Zack Ridgley interviewed by Cody Boone

The Neutral Interview

So, with this interview, I let my brother express himself about his childhood for the first few questions. With that, he describes how exactly he lived in Honduras and also, how his parents were like too. Between that, he also...

Interview for class

We talked about family ranging from family to video games.

Vidéo Games and Child Violence

We talked about Taylor’s view on why video games do not cause child violence.

My brother life

Esta es algo de la vida de mi hermano

Personal Experiences with Videogame Violence

On 11/30/2018 I interviewed Kyle Parent on his thoughts of the link between video games and violence in youth.

A conversation with a friend

I interview my good friend about his life, we discuss immigration from Monterrey, NL to Laredo,TX and how that impacted his life. Mexican culture regarding family and friendship. Growing up between Mexico and Texas, living on the border.

Mktg101 interview

We talked about whether plastic bags should be banned or not and video game violence.

The Importance of a Story — Video Games are More Than “Mindless Violence”
January 24, 2020 App Interview

The random ramblings of the importance of video games, the different effects they have on others, and what they really mean to a certain individual.