Storytelling Assignment (Ethan Donaldson)

I interviewed my cousin who works in the video game industry for my speech class.

New York to Old York: Interview with a ‘69er

This is an interview by 20 year old Darlene Johnson with her 51 year old dad, Kevin Taylor, about what life was like back then from a media and technological standpoint.

Interviewing my brother Ben about video games.

It kind of turned into a series of many tangents, but I tried to interview my brother about video games as he grew up.

My Life in the Pandemic

I talked about what happened in my life. I also talked about what I do during the pandemic


This was about what he likes and how he is as a person.

A quarter to play
December 10, 2019 App Interview

How does an entrepreneurial kid make money from video games in the 80s? From Pac-Man to Galaga to Mario Bros, Camilo Echavarria tells his stories of playing video games in the 80s in an interview conducted by his son Gabe...

Practice interview

When I interviewed judah I asked what he’s favorite hobbies were, what is he’s favorite holiday, and what do he do in he’s down time.

Interview for class

We talked about family ranging from family to video games.

Preston and Efrain’s E3 adventure

Preston and Efrain reflect on the impact of video games in their lives and the spontaneity of E3

The Neutral Interview

So, with this interview, I let my brother express himself about his childhood for the first few questions. With that, he describes how exactly he lived in Honduras and also, how his parents were like too. Between that, he also...

Thanksgiving & more

In this interview, I and my friend talk about Thanksgiving, video games, and what our life was like before we started going to college.

Do You Think Playing Violent Video Games Makes People More Violent in Real Life?

I spoke with my friend Nigel Andrews briefly on whether or not today’s video games are promoting violence

Video Games & Community

In this interview, we talked about the importance of video games.

Video game violence
September 17, 2018 App Interview

Zack Ridgley interviewed by Cody Boone

Do Video Games Encourage Child Violence?

This interview was on my girlfriend Grace’s opinion on violent video games and the effect on children.