Morgan Phelps interviews her father, Danny Phelps, about his reflections on life.

In this interview, I talk with my father about his childhood in Upstate New York and the changes that he has witnessed throughout his life.

Straight Outta Vietnam: (My Dad Terry’s Journey: Starting From Vietnam to Immigrating to The United States)

An interview with my dad Terry Bach, on his life from communist Vietnam to the United States and also discusses his career.

The Ronnie Kirven Story
November 30, 2017 App Interview

Talking about the values and trials of growing up impoverished in South Carolina, and life after that.

Me and My Mom

We talked about my mom and her childhood.

My grandfathers experience during the Vietnam War and life after.

My grandfather and I spoke about his time in Vietnam as a marine. We discussed his military service as well as how it has affected his life.

Molly Grimes and her grandpa talkabout his childhood, military service, and his wife.

In this interview, that took place in November 2017 in Manhattan Beach California, Molly Grimes interviews her grandpa. They talked about his service in the military, his wife, and his childhood. He talked about some of the things he did...

Carin Mayo and Tosca Hieftje

One Small Step conversation partners Tosca Hieftje (65) and Carin Mayo (52) discuss womanhood, pets and finding what diversity means.

Tom Power: A Man of a Few Words

This is me getting to know more about my dad (who happens to be the kindest, most selfless person I know).

The life of Eric an interview by Amber

This interview contains a conversation between a father and daughter focuses on the past life of the father back in his home country Vietnam. It mentions how his struggles got him to where he is today.

Duyen Doan

Duyen Doan talked about her experience as an immigrant from Vietnam.

Vietnam War Opa
December 12, 2017 App Interview

This interview is about my grandpas experience in the Vietnam war.

Getting To Know My Mom

My mom talks about her life, from her childhood in Vietnam all the way to where she wants to live in the future.

Vietnam War

Connections with others and opinions on the war

Diana Truong interview part 1

I interview Diana Truong about her experience in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, leaving Vietnam and life in the United States.

Nikita Hartzheim and her grandfather Greg Kraft talk about his childhood and military experience.

In this interview conducted November 25, 2018 in Delavan, Wisconsin, Nikita Hartzheim(14) interviews her pappa, Greg Kraft(73) about his life including his childhood, marriage and his time in the navy. Mr.Kraft talks about how he remembers the air aids of...

Grandfather and grandson discuss the Vietnam War.
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Curtis Kukal interviews his grandfather Curt Brannan about his time in Vietnam as a Navy chaplain. Curt was stationed with the first bn 3 mr USMC.

mom interview
December 4, 2019 App Interview

regrets, happiest times, hardest times, and changes in life

Daniel Casey Conlon M.D

Daniel Casey Conlon talks about his service as a doctor in Vietnam and his experience with the Montagnard people.