The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Alex Nguyen

This interview is about mostly the different aspects of the U.S in a foreigner’s eyes. Along other many other subjects about the general well being of a person.

Living in Conflict: The Effects of The Vietnam War on Daily Life

“What are we doing there?” the tragic story of life as a kid in America during the pointless Vietnam War. Will Angarola interviews his father Bill Angarola in Los Angeles, California about life as a teenager in the 60s in...

The 1960’s

I spoke with a very close family friend (a grandfather to me) about his experience in the 60’s. We spoke of Kennedy, the National Guard, Vietnam War, Segregation, and more.

Thanksgiving interview
November 28, 2018 App Interview

We talked about my grandfather’s time in Vietnam and in the Coastguard

Dr. Amy Thu Tran and her Experience with Immigration as a Vietnam Refugee

Dr. Amy Tran tells her story of her experience as a Vietnam Regular and her struggles and successes when she came to the US.

Uncle; jobs, goals, wishes, struggles, regrets

I learned what my uncle was aiming for when he came to America from Vietnam. He also gave me a small lesson on focusing more on school than making money for now.

Interview one of my mom’s friend, Mr.Bob

Mr.Bob is one of my mom’s friend and he lives in San Francisco. He used to be a college dropout and was a firefighter when he was younger. later, Mr.Bob came to Vietnam and and have his life settled there.

Josh Marchant Vietnam War interview with his grandfather, Randy Marchant

Randy Marchant is my grandpa, he was born in 1945. Topics such as his time in college, the draft process, and his stories are talked about.

The Sassy and Classy Life of My Grandpa

In this interview created on May 20th, 2019, in Lafayette, CO, Aidan Stevens learns about the story and lifestyle of his grandfather, Thomas. Tom describes his childhood and life story as a catholic, republican American living in the post-Depression era....

Life in Vietnam

Hong Do, born in Cambodia and later moved (back) to Vietnam, tells a story of her childhood up until the present. She illustrates her childhood experiences with Viet Cong, the difficult years of her life as a married woman, and...

Interview With my 89 year-old Grandpa

My Grandpa was born in 1930. We talked about everything from the start of WWII to him going on road trips with my Grandma and all of their kids. We even talked about who he voted for in the 1948...

Vietnam war Interview

Interview about the Vietnam war and what life was like. And what it was like to fight in the war and to live it.

life of a military wife

My grandma was very open about how she felt after her first husband was killed in action.

Kathryn and Tram 5/5/2023

Kathryn Holling (20) talks with her high school friend Tram Ngo (19) about her experience as a Vietnamese student and also her Buddhist religion.

Life in Vietnam

Billy and his dad tell us a little about Vietnam (billy talked for his dad)

Tales from the past

My granddad tells about how things were different when he was a kid compared to now. He also tells some pretty funny stories. At the end the app said that it stopped working so that’s why the end is the...

Interview 11-24

Maury is 78 and has an amazing life for everything.

Interview with my Dad

Today, Vicky Nham (16) interviews her dad (Dinh Nham (53)). Asking him about how life was in Vietnam, what jobs he was working at, and the overall environment in the rural areas of Trà ôn of the Vĩnh Long province...