Covid 19 interview

About how the soft close is going.

Corona Virus Questions with Gabriel Munoz

This interview was mainly about the virus and how it has affected Gabriel’s life. Gabriel seems to be doing good, he’s healthy, and keeping track with his work.

Covid-19 Pandemic

Me and my mother talking about her experience and thoughts about the Covid-19 pandemic and its repercussions.

pandemic has changed daily life

This is a discussion on how living through the covid-19 pandemic has changed daily life.

COVID-19: An Experience Documented by Pummy Kaur

Pummy Kaur shares her experience of living in India during the times of COVID-19. Pummy discusses how the citizens of India are dealing with this new virus and the restrictions it’s placed upon them.

Pandemic interview (#2)

This interview is to talk about how my brother is dealing with this pandemic and what his thoughts are.

Illness, Wellness, Healing Integration Assignment #2

I talk with my cousin Sadie Clark about her experience with the pandemic & quarantining. We talk about her personal opinions & her plans/ideas for the future.

Coronavirus Pandemic Interview

We discuss the issues that the coronavirus brought about including limited PPE, necessary equipment, and other items for doctors. We also discuss the financial burden that the virus placed on society. We mentioned the ways in which people can distract...

How COVID-19 is affecting Paula Rodriguez.

I interviewed my Mexican mother who recently lost her job due to the ongoing virus. Here is what she had to say.

Wellness COVID-19 Interview

This interview is discussing topics of the COVID-19 pandemic with my grandmother. We talked about social distancing and how this virus has truly changed her life.

Covid 19 2020 pandemocolypse

it's March 2020 mid March all the schools have closed down in Indiana, mostly across the country because of the covid virus and everyone's at home Taf and Sage are working from home from Marian University and so everyone's shut...

May 16 2020 covid verity update

Verity refuses to talk about what we've been doing during the covid pandemic... we have been going on hikes at parks almost everyday, scavenger hunts, mystery boxes deciding what we do, Daddy's getting no work done but having fun.

Covid-19 pandemic of 2020- Jennifer Phan

This talks about the experience my family and my community has faced during the pandemic. It informs people what happened during the pandemic.

Questions about Coronavirus – Maria Pineda

Questions about the coronavirus to my mom, Maria Pineda

Inside the Mind of a Mom

Ask my mom questions on Coronavirus, racism, women.

Unity during the coronavirus: is it possible?

How has the coronavirus united and/or divided the United States in this time of crisis? Does it have the possibility to bridge the political divide in our country or catapult it in the other direction?


I talked to my grandma because she is more open to talk about all these things. We talk about the virus

Mom Part 1 (sibling #15)

For my first interview I spoke with my mom primarily about how she is keeping herself busy during the quarantine. She also talked extensively about the impact of God in times like these.


This interview is to talk about how this person is doing during this pandemic.

Corona Interview

Talked about the epidemic for an APUSH assignment.