Way back when.

We talked about when Anne was younger and how she grew up in Montana.

American Dream Interview with Ms. Sokoya

She talked about how proud she is of her heritage and how her father influenced her life.

Final project interview

This interview is knowing the life of an international student who is also giving tips about being a 4.0 athlete and managing her time well.

Tia Ransom + Jaimie Knight

Tia interviews Jaimie and get to know her a little better.

Biggest Wedding Ever!

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Holly Graham (17) interviews her mother Stephanie Graham (52) about her childhood years through her college years. Mrs. Graham talks a lot about her husband, their wedding and their honeymoon....

Interview with Mom

I did an interview with my mom Saundi. She was a D1 volleyball player for Penn State and now has 3 children.

The story of how my dad almost got attacked by a shark.

When my dad was in his younger years he was playing volleyball in South Florida. Because he had been playing for hours he had bloody feet from the sand. In this interview he shares with me how the current of...

Blue-StoryCorps Interview

About Ashleigh‘s overall volleyball experience

Gennese Springs and Jonathan Swap

[Recorded Friday, May 19, 2023] Gennese (19) and Jonathan (21) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Gennese is a UVA student from Colonial Heights, and enjoys music, podcasts, and being outside. Jonathan is also a UVA student...

Nicholas Ferrante and Sarah Summer-Eisenbraun

Nicholas Ferrante (26) speaks to his pastor Sarrah Summer-Eisenbraun (37) about his time in the military including his deployment to Afghanistan.

Larry Kundert and Pamela Kundert

Larry Kundert (72) reminiscences with his wife Pamela Kundert (69) about softball and the effort it took to finally pitch some games. He also talked about volleyball and volunteer work.

Coach and player

Olivia and Terry have stayed connected ever since the end of the volleyball season, they will always be friends and laugh together about the past.

Life of a High School Varsity Volleyball Player

Jennifer Powers tells us about her life and her volleyball experience.

Alden Laborde and her mother Jennifer Laborde talk about the differences of growing up and raising your own kids.

In this Interview im November 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia, Alden Laborde (17) interviews her mother Jennifer Laborde about her childhood and growing up all the way through raising her own kids. She talks about her different relationships, whether that be...

Joyce Hollobaugh talks about her life experiences and passion for helping people with her interests in medicine.

My mother, Joyce Hollobaugh, discusses how her life experiences competing in volleyball and softball and her career in respiratory therapy has made her the person she is today. As she discusses her experiences, my mother describes all the important life...

Jasmine Valdovinos and her Mother Lorena Valdovinos talks about what it was like to move to the US

In this interview conducted in November 2016, in Oceanside California, Jasmine Valdovinos (15) interviews her mother (49) about her childhood in Mexico and what it was like to move to the US, she also shares stories from her childhood. At...